Best Wellness Gift Box for Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2023)

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Best Wellness Gift Box for Wellness Month (May 2023)

Employee wellness is vital to the success of any company. According to the World Health Organization, the economic impact of employee healthcare issues costs companies $225.8 billion per year in lost productivity in the USA. Productivity is important, but embracing wellness is about so much more than just productivity, it’s a key part of showing employee appreciation, which in turn drives loyalty and commitment to your organizational goals.

Did you know that 72% of employees want employers to champion mental health and well-being, but 63% think their workplace is unhelpful according to a recent Pathways Pathways study. That's quite significant. Now more than ever people in the workplace need support. Because Bestowe is a gifting company, we can offer great solutions for custom corporate gifts that go a long way to show your employees you care, but if you work in HR or on the staff that supports culture and company culture don't forget how important and simple bringing in someone to talk about managing work stress, or work life balance could be, or scheduling a yoga class weekly at your place of employment, or encouraging a walking club with your co-workers can be as well.

That's why Wellness Month (May 2023) is a great time to shine your company light on the importance of employee rest and self-care. And there’s no better (or easy) way to show you care than with a Bestowe Wellness Gift Box

“Less Stress. Better Health” Wellness Gift Box

This pre-curated corporate gift box is the stress-free way to show your employees you care. Designed to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and a healthier lifestyle, this gender-neutral gift box is perfect for everyone, containing four carefully selected items to help your employees de-stress, pamper themselves and unwind after a long day. 

Our "Less Stress. Better Health" gift box makes the ideal ready-to-ship corporate gift box if you want your employees to receive a gift in May, but if you're a company that promotes health and wellness all year round, we offer some great options to customize this gift box for large corporate gift orders too!


wellness gift box corporate custom gift box


Pre-curated to please everyone, this Artisan Gift Box contains:

  1. TEA: A zesty Lemongrass and Ginger blend that provides a therapeutic cup of tea that pairs perfectly with a spoonful of honey from Nemi Tea. 15 Teabags Included.
  2. SOAP: Nopalera signature cactus soaps are handmade with plant butters and oils that cleanse and leave your skin moisturized. Inhale the subtle scent of lemongrass oil to calm the mind and plan for tomorrow. Good For All Skin Types and the whole body, but most importantly for sensitive skin from people troubled with irritation due to radiation.
  3. SOCKS: Le Bon Shoppe wanted to make the coziest, the comfiest and the cutest socks around! These super soft and cushiony Cloud socks will eponymously make you feel like you are walking on a cloud! The perfect thing for making being at home a cozy vacation. 
  4. CLAY MASK: Gently exfoliate dead skin cells, deep clean/unclog pores, lift dirt/blackheads, draw/bind impurities, nourish skin with minerals plus tighten skin with this clay mask from Nash and Jones. 

All the items in the box are natural and come from artisan creators, so your company can support small businesses while promoting wellness among your employees. And with sustainable packaging you can be confident that you're making a socially responsible choice.

And here's the best part: for every Bestowe Corporate Gift Box purchased, a tree is planted making Bestowe Gift Boxes a natural choice if ‘planet wellness’, ethical sourcing, and/or sustainability are core to your company values. Learn more on "Our Impact" page. 

“Less Stress. Better Health” Wellness Gift Box - Order Today

wellness gift box

If you already want this wellness gift box for yourself, imagine how much your employees are going to love it.

It’s already May wellness month or known in the workplace as Mental Health Awareness Month, so don’t delay!  Get your order in today and we’ll take care of the rest. Click now to place your order for large volume gifting or buy one right here and show your employees how much you care!


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