Business Coach Ashley Gartland Shares Mom-preneur Moments

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We’re not done with inspiring mother entrepreneurs just yet! In the next Mother’s Day project installment, we interviewed Ashley Gartland, of Ashley Gartland Coaching. She’s a true joy who seeks to pay it forward to other women entrepreneurs. She coaches clients who’ve had success, but feel like a hot mess behind the scenes, and she takes them from a “fake it ‘til you make it” strategy to fulfilling their biggest business goals.

This is the second part in a series of Motherhood emails we'll be sharing with you at Bestowe. If you are excited by what you are reading, please share on! If you want to read the first with Jillian Clark from 100 Layer Cake, click here.

How does your profession make you a stronger mom? How does your work affect your little ones?

Ashley Gartland and Kids for Mothers Day 

I am a business coach for women entrepreneurs who want to simplify their business so they can experience more growth, freedom and fulfillment. This work fulfills me in a way my previous career didn't, and makes me stronger as a mom because it requires so much personal development that I am then able to pass along to my daughters. My work affects them in that they see a different path is possible for them, one where they can do fulfilling work, be their own boss and set their own schedule so their work supports their desired lifestyle rather than take away from it. Above all else, it shows them that they have choice to carve their own path.

What does your mother do or did she do that you would want to express thanks for the most, and why?

My mother listens - with her whole heart. She really hears you and offers insights that have helped me make hard decisions, get unstuck and find a path forward when I thought one didn't exist.


What was the best gift (tangible and intangible) that you have received from your children on Mother's Day?

Last year, my children bought me a package of classes at my favorite yoga studio (aided by their dad, of course!) It was a beautiful gesture that showed they see how important self-care is to me, and also that I love receiving gifts that incorporate an experience or story element into them.


What have you given to your mom on Mother's Day that you remember feeling especially happy or proud about?

When I was much younger and my parents were getting divorced, we gave my mom a vase filled with flowers for Mother's Day, and a promise that we would fill it with fresh blooms for her every month. I know it meant something because many years later, I spotted that vase in her room with the original card still tied around the top.

 Business Coach Ashley Gartland Shares Mom-Preneur Moments

What do you think is the best way your child/children have given you appreciation for their love on Mother's Day?

My daughters are so wonderful about appreciating me and loving on me daily that Mother's Day doesn't stand out more than any of the other days of the year. One thing they do on that day though that I love is write me a note or draw me a picture that tells me what they think of our relationship. It's always sweet, and often a little funny too.


What is the best part of being a mother?

I love the responsibility of motherhood, of showing your children the world, teaching them how to navigate it, and be loving and generous little people. I also love that they reciprocate by teaching me something new every single day.

 Business Coach Ashley Gartland Shares Mom-Preneur Moments

What is the hardest part of being a mother?

The feeling that you're always a bit fractured, that there are so many things you want to do and so many people you want to give your attention to, and yet time is always in short supply.


What is the silliest moment you can remember with your child or your mom that makes you smile every time you think of it?

My mom drove my sisters and I to Utah every summer to visit her parents in a big old minivan. It was a twelve hour drive, and what I remember most is that we had a dance party to soundtracks from our favorite movies for what felt like the entire drive.


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