California Gift Ideas to Support the Golden State

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california gift ideas

California is a huge state and home to 35.6 million people. Whether you’re from the Bay Area and desperate to find San Francisco Gifts or you’re from a small agricultural city ensuring everyone stays stocked up on almonds, grapes, and garlic, we’re here to give you a bit of guidance as you search for those perfect California gifts.

Your Guide to California Gift Ideas

This year, on the 2022 Fortune 500 list, 55 of those highest grossing businesses are based in California. Most of the companies are either not the places producing gifts, or they’re of obvious “California fame” and we’re sure you didn’t find yourself here because you were hoping for the best mouse ears or latest iProducts. Our hope is to introduce you to a few true California gems for all your gift-giving needs.

Types of Gifts From California

While it's tempting to conjure images of palm trees, surfboards, and Hollywood-esque shades when California comes to mind, the Golden State has a far more colorful portfolio to flaunt. Picture this: a land of remarkable diversity where each corner boasts its own unique charm and treasures.

In a mere hop, skip, and a jump, you can go from soaking up sun on the sandy shores to immersing yourself in the heart of a bustling downtown metropolis. Alternatively, you could find yourself amidst the arid embrace of the Inland Empire's desert or cocooned in a mountain cabin with a picturesque lake vista. It's a bit like having a whole smorgasbord of vacation destinations at your doorstep.

And with this kaleidoscope of landscapes comes a treasure trove of businesses. From the giants of corporate America to the charming nooks of local boutiques, California's entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds, churning out an eclectic array of products that'll make you wonder if there's anything this state can't do.

California Gift Ideas for Parents

The wish of every parent, at least many of them, is a day away to relax and forget about cleaning, cooking, and kid nap times. If you know of any parents who are in this position and you wish to give them their wish, send them to a spa and pair it with a gift from Bestowe. The most popular: Body, Mind & Spirit. Or if they can't make it to the spa, help them enjoy the essence of a spa related experience with a gift box from our wellness collection! Small Batch artisans included in these gift sets include products from Urb Apothecary (Sacramento, CA), Basik Candle Co (San Francisco, CA), and 9th & Larkin (San Francisco). Learn more about our artisan connections here.​​

body mind and spirit california gift idea

Or perhaps they find more enjoyment unwinding from a day with an adult beverage. The Mixologist gift box is a crowd favorite and even comes with a spill resistant glass! This great gift features items from Superduperstudio (Berkeley, CA) and Compartés (Los Angeles, CA) 

unique california gift ideas

California Gift Ideas for Friends

Shopping for friends can feel overwhelming at times especially when you and your crew care about how your products are made and where they come from. Two incredible companies that blossomed out of Orange County have created their entire business models around knowing who made the product in your hands and ensuring that those hands, and whole humans, are well compensated and set on a path towards personal growth in order for their families to thrive. 

Another fantastic approach to gifting is supporting BIPOC businesses. The “Support Black Artisans Owned Business” box does just that and 10% of the proceeds are donated to the NAACP!

Heathmade's Sweet Orange + Ginger + Ylang Ylang hand sanitizer, made in Los Angeles is a fantastic small California gift idea!

gifts from california

If your friends are passionate about sustainability, check out the “Start Cooking” box which includes sustainable and reusable cloth goods from Oakland, CA.

sustainable california gift ideas

California Gift Ideas for Partners

Have you ever thought that the perfect gift for you and your partner is to have matching, hand chain-stitched, ethically made matching clothes? Yes? Amazing! 

If your partner enjoys hosting family and friends, the “Host Your Heart Out” box is a no brainer! This box includes a beautiful serving board made in Oakland, CA!  

hosting gifts from california

If your partner would enjoy sprucing up their home check out “The Home Office Upgrade” with delicious natural soda syrups from Burly Beverages based in Sacramento, CA

gifts from california for him

Unique California Gift Ideas

A benefit of the modern technological age we live in is the accessibility to artists via the internet. If you have the time to peruse pages of over 250,000 shops in the California market, then do it as soon as you can!  

California gifts can be such simply because they are made in the state. But they can also be cherished because of the unique and special part of California they represent. The area is famous for a yearly spring super bloom of wildflowers and bright orange poppies so spectacular it can be seen from space. Consider a beautiful poppy print and a gift card.

Anything with a “California Bear” hugging the state or riding a skateboard is bound to make someone smile. These few unique ideas are barely scratching the surface so be sure to investigate further with this guide to Sacramento Area small shops and this Southern California guild of hand-crafted artisans


Partner with Bestowe for California Gift Ideas

Here at Bestowe, we have had the privilege of finding local California artisans with immense talent and incredible products. And the best part is that we have already combined the gifts into ready-to-ship gift baskets. Whether you hail from the north or the south, we’ve got you covered. The Bay Area Gift Box features products that are local, sustainable, and perfectly reflective of the best the Bay has to offer.  Supporting SoCal is simple too with a surprising spread of candle, beef jerky, chocolate, and a couple things in between! 

northen california gift box

If you have any questions about California gift ideas, custom gift boxes or even corporate gifting – don't hesitate to contact us!


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