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As we approach National Mental Health Month this May, it’s the perfect opportunity to emphasize the importance of mental health through thoughtful gifting. At Bestowe Gifting, we're dedicated to promoting wellness and self-care through our specially curated gift boxes. 

Whether you’re gifting to celebrate May’s focus on mental health in your organization or as a meaningful gesture for friends, colleagues, or clients, our wellness and mental health gifts deliver comfort, relaxation, and a touch of luxury to support mental well-being.

4 Curated Gift Boxes to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

1. Less Stress, Better Health Gift Box

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Navigating mental health challenges can be daunting, but our Less Stress, Better Health gift box brings a spark of joy and comfort in any season. Thoughtfully assembled to support relaxation and recovery, this box includes cozy socks, a nourishing clay face mask, and gentle cactus soap — ideal for sensitive skin or those recovering from medical treatments. The soothing ginger tea included is perfect for unwinding after a long day, making the Less Stress, Better Health Gift Box a considerate choice for anyone needing a touch of kindness and relaxation.

2. Support Black Artisan-Owned Businesses Gift Box

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Empower and uplift black artisan-owned businesses with our Support Black Artisan-Owned Businesses wellness gift box, thoughtfully designed to promote mental health and well-being while celebrating the creativity of Black artisans. This curated gift collection showcases items that cater to both physical and emotional wellness, including energizing protein balls, soothing superfood latte blends, moisturizing Shea butter lotion, and purifying charcoal soap.

Each component is chosen not only for its quality but also for its ability to enhance daily self-care routines, contributing to overall mental wellness. Packaged in an eco-friendly, reusable box, and with 10% of proceeds going to the NAACP, the Support Black Artisan-Owned Businesses Gift Box is a meaningful way to support community, diversity, and mental health all at once.

3. Body and Spirit Gift Box

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Encourage relaxation and rejuvenation with our Body and Spirit gift box, perfect for anyone who needs an intentional pause from the daily grind. This luxurious box includes a cactus milk bath soak, a heartwarming candle, and gourmet chocolate from San Francisco, creating an indulgent experience that soothes both body and soul. Gift your recipient with a moment of bliss this Mental Health Awareness Month with the Body and Spirit Gift Box. 

4. Matcha Mania Gift Package

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For the ultimate tea lover, the Matcha Mania wellness gift box is a luxury collection that celebrates the tastes of Japanese matcha. Complete with high-quality matcha tea, ceramic mugs, and a traditional whisk, this gift set offers everything needed to enjoy the rich, energizing benefits of matcha, making each tea time a ritual of relaxation and mindfulness. For the recipient who struggles to take a moment for themselves, the Matcha Mania Gift Package offers a moment of relaxation during even the craziest days. 

Wellness Gifts for Clients and Employees

Looking to enhance your corporate wellness program? We offer a range of wellness gifts that are perfect for boosting morale, encouraging health, and showing your appreciation for employees and clients alike. Elevate your office vibe and spread the zen with our premium wellness gifts. Perfect for that mid-week motivation boost or a nod to your team's hard work and health. Our premium wellness gifts are designed to offer relaxation and a mental health boost, suitable for any professional setting.

Custom Wellness Gifting Solutions

Interested in customizing wellness gifts for your team or clients? Contact Bestowe today to explore our full range of customizable options. Let us help you create a personalized gifting strategy that aligns with your brand values and budget, ensuring your gifts make a lasting, positive impact.

Get Started with Bestowe Gifting Services

This Mental Health Awareness Month, make a meaningful difference with corporate gift ideas that truly matter. Visit us now to choose from our best-selling wellness gift boxes or to customize your own. 

Let’s promote mental well-being together not just in May, but all year round — one thoughtful gift at a time.


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