MONOMENT: Artist Spotlight

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Monoment is a young and talented team of Mexican creatives, passionate for designing and making the best leather products in Mexico. I was so excited to find their unique wares at a recent West Coast craft in San Francisco last year and knew that I wanted them in the collection. Meeting Daniela, the owner, sealed the deal. Daniela, has worked with me to create some unique pieces for Bestowe's upcoming Groomsman and Father's Day boxes, as well as a lovely wallet from her collection for one of our Mother's Day boxes. 

Read on to hear and see more about my one on one with Daniela.

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Monoment: Artist Spotlight

Daniela's passion for detail is definitely apparent in everything she does. I love the accent of her stitching and crops on the edges of her pieces. Not to mention her logo is a great reflection of a mark and business that is both elegant and sophisticatedly playful.

Monoment: Artist Spotlight

How did you think of monoment? What was the impetus behind beginning the collaborative? 
Monoment respresents a different creative side for me, where I can express 100% what I like design wise and what I am as a person. I´ve always been attracted to basic geometries, solid colors and clean cut design so I wanted to create a brand that represents all this, and I started by composing the name by two words "Mono" which means one/simple and "ment" as for moment. So Monoment for me means the simple and outstanding moments in life that make it worth it.
I started Monoment by myself. Since then other creatives; like a photographer, a graphic designer and an architect have joined the team. We wanted Monoment to be inclusive with our community so we have involved moms and older women that enjoy crafts as much as we do to join the team in the stitching and finishing process. Every item is hand stitched by this amazing team of women. 


Monoment: Artist Spotlight


What is your background in and how did you get started working with leather.

My background is in architecture, after working for 5 years as an architect in Mexico City I moved to Texas to work for a design studio. I´ve always had a passion for natural materials and I love working and building things with my hands, leather caught my attention when moving to Texas so I started experimenting with the diversity and beauty of the material. Soon after a few pieces, Monoment was created.


Monoment: Artist Spotlight

What inspires you every day toward creating a product that you create?
My biggest moto and inspiration is curiosity, curiosity for building in real life whatever our creativity can come up with and the amazing results that team work can do. I love enjoying what we create with all our heart and soul and I hope everyone else that meets Monoment does as well. 


Monoment: Artist Spotlight

Monoment products are 100% handmade, from designing to packaging in Mexico City. They use only top-grain, vegetable tanned leather from the best tanneries in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Vegetable tanned leather is achieved using non-toxic organic barks and leaves for a long period. It's natural color with light and smooth aroma help develop a beautiful patina over time, making each piece truly unique.

Artistans: Bestowe Artisans

Buy the box that features Monoment, The Organized Woman, now.

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