Wedding Welcome Boxes: The Secret Three Ingredients

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The first blog in our Wedding Welcome Boxes series gave you the top three reasons you should consider including a welcome box in the lead up to your big day. Click here to read if you missed it. In this installment of the series, I’m here to tell you about the three must-haves to include in your wedding welcome box.

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Wedding Welcome Box with tasty treats

Do You Include Snacks in a Wedding Welcome Gift?

Absolutely! Food and drink is truly the definition of a must-have for your wedding welcome box. Everyone loves to be given a little treat to snack on once they arrive in a new place. This is especially true for those coming from out of town to your wedding. Specialized foods or drinks, such as chocolates or wine, are the perfect addition to your box. It’s even better if you’re able to incorporate a little bit of yourself or your location to the mix. If your wedding is in New York City, add some bagels from your favorite bagel shop for that extra special touch.

WAlking City Tour

Why Personalizing Your Wedding Gifts is Important

Personalized pieces in your gifts are what makes your guests feel welcome and speaks to your event. Rather than throwing in map of your city, why not make your own sight-seeing tour? Have a personalized map that highlights yours and your partner’s favorite spots. This not only shows your personality in your welcome box, it gives your guests pre-wedding activities they can do while they’re in town. 

This personalized wedding weekend itinerary for a Bay Area couple was put together by our friends at The Framework Events.

Wedding Welcome Box and Gift

How to make your guests comfortable at a wedding?

So far, you’ve included a tasty treat and something personal for your guests to enjoy during their stay for your wedding. Now is the time to introduce a small gift, such as bath salts, candles, or perhaps a beautiful throw to stay warm while they are visiting and to take home when they leave. This is the category that goes beyond the wedding. By giving a small memento, your guests will remember your day for a long time to come.

When you have these three components in your Wedding Welcome Box, you ensure that your guests will have a fantastic time and feel appreciated.


How to alleviate the stress in wedding planning

So, we've given you some ideas of things you can do to make giving gifts at a wedding less strenuous so that you can spend more of your time on decor or food or your wedding dress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the how-to when it comes to wedding gifting, sign up for our email list and receive our Gifting Guide here. It gives you the exclusive info you’ve been looking for when it comes to gift giving during your wedding season. If you need any more help than that, we are only a click away. Email us for a free consultation or to have us do all your gifting for you! We'd be more than happy to help you free up your time.

Look out for the next blog in the Wedding Welcome Box series in which we talk about how to best organize the delivery of your Welcome Boxes.

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