Mastering Corporate Gifting: Pro Tips for Gifting Meaningful Connections

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Corporate gifting might seem like a straightforward concept — buy a gift, give it to a client, employee, or colleague — but there's so much more to it than meets the eye. Budgets, preferences, ethics, legalities, logistics, oh my! When done right, strategic corporate gifting strengthens relationships, shows your appreciation, and makes a connection in a way that few other gestures can do in the corporate world. Are you confident that your business is handling its corporate gifting strategy in the best way possible?

Lucky for you, we’ve been in the business of corporate gift-giving for decades, and have seen (almost) everything. Whether you’re just starting out with giving gifts in your business or you’re ready for a refresher in best practices, our FREE downloadable eBook, “Corporate Gifting 101: Everything You Need to Know,” has you covered. You’ll find tips and tricks to choose your recipients, how to make sure your gifting practices are legal and ethical, as well as ideas and suggestions for choosing a gift that will make the lasting impact you’re looking for. 

Looking to choose the best corporate gift for anyone on your list? Explore this excerpt from “Corporate Gifting 101: Everything You Need to Know” about the strategy behind identifying the right gift for any recipient, occasion, or budget: 

“Make It Useful: Choose practical items that integrate into their daily routines or consumables that won't go to waste. Think high-quality local produce or delicious artisan snacks that offer an experience while satisfying a need (or a craving!).

Prioritize Uniqueness: Avoid run-of-the-mill, predictable corporate swag by opting for something that can’t be easily found or replicated. Consider gifts that show your thoughtfulness and effort in selection, making the recipient feel truly special.

Keep it Appropriate: Personal gifting and workplace gift gifting are not the same. Make sure that your corporate gifting strategy doesn’t get too personal unless you are actually very close with the recipient — for example, bath and body items for a client can lean a bit too far into personal territory for someone that you aren’t particularly close with. 

Maintain a Cultural Sensitivity: If you’re hosting an international event or using a corporate gifting platform to gift internationally, research and understand the gift-giving etiquettes of the cultures you’re dealing with to avoid unintentional disrespect. What's considered a thoughtful present in one country could potentially be a faux pas in another.

Support Local and Small-Batch Producers: Source your gifts from local artists and small businesses to offer your recipients something truly unique and heartfelt. This approach to local corporate gift sourcing supports smaller enterprises, is more sustainable, and typically ensures a gift of higher quality.

Personalize Your Gifts: Show your clients and employees that you know and appreciate them as individuals with personalized gifts based on the recipient's interests, hobbies, or preferences. A great way to do this is with customized corporate gifting platform solutions that do the hard work for you!

Experiential Gifts: From a gourmet cooking class to tickets to an exclusive event or a virtual reality experience, providing something that can be lived and enjoyed tells your recipient that their well-being and personal growth matter to you. Similarly, consider the supplies for a fun activity — like a cocktail-making kit or creative project!

Think Sustainability: Opt for sustainable materials in both the gift and packaging, reflecting a responsible and modern ethos. Explore eco-friendly promotional products for businesses that are not only great for the environment, but that also add to the uniqueness of your gift.

Avoid Over-branding: Keep branding subtle to avoid making your gift feel like a promotional item. While it’s important to remind clients and employees of your company, excessive logos can detract from the sincerity of your gesture. Instead, use custom, tasteful tags or stickers that acknowledge your brand without overshadowing the gift.

Consider the Occasion: Think about the best time to give corporate gifts for the maximum impact on your recipients. Choose gifts that highlight and celebrate the occasion you’re gifting for. Think about a festive seasonal cookie decorating kit during the holidays or a cocktail kit including in-season ingredients. 

Incorporating corporate gift management and an efficient corporate gifting platform into your approach ensures you handle the intricacies of professional corporate gifting, guaranteeing each gesture leaves a lasting, positive impression.”


If you’re curious to learn more and want to make every corporate gift a memorable one, download our free eBook now. It’s your first step toward transforming the way you approach corporate gifting.

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