the Love language of giving gifts

Not sure what to get your favorite friend, what gift your mom would enjoy most this season, or what thank you gift is going to blow your client or boss' mind? Take the guesswork out of your holiday shopping with our simple and insightful quiz.

Self Care Enthusiast

There's one in all of us, but sometimes we might need a little reminder. Having an expertly collection of self-care products ensures that your giftee will be able to sink into some rejuvinating "me" time like butter on bread (without the calories).

The Wonderous Wanderer

Life is a grand adventure, or hadn’t you heard? It seems we all have a friend or two who are all about seizing the moment, seeing the world, and otherwise grabbing life by the horns and experiencing all they can.

Elevated Tastemaker

Classy and imbued with stellar taste, these friends have specific preferences, an elegance all of their own, and standards that can sometimes be intimidating. We've got just the thing!

The Selfless Creator

The artistry of being a selfless giver comes in many forms. From visual arts to the written word to a comforting homecooked meal, creativity can manifest itself in any area of life.

The Homey Homebody

Everyone has a that friend that just loves to stay in—they’re the people who you can spend your time doing nothing with and still manage to fill fulfulled and create long-lasting memories.