Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas: Years 2-4

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As promised, we are continuing our Anniversary Gift Guide here at Bestowe Gifting. We know you come to us for ideas and thoughtful suggestions, so we can't let you down since Anniversaries are a big gifting moment! This guide will cover gifts ideas for a second, third, or fourth wedding anniversary.

Let me just say, when couples make a commitment to stick together in the good, the bad, and the ugly, it's worthy of a celebration no matter the number of years. I feel lucky to have been married for 15 years to my husband, but there are couples out there going on 40, 50, or 60! What a feat! Something to truly be honored by.

If you didn’t read the first year anniversary article you can read it right here. If you did get a chance to read it, you’ll know that I not only give you the history of anniversary gifts but also some modern takes on ideas that go above and beyond the mundane. I’ve come up with some ways to connect with more than just a gift and loads of physical gift ideas for you as well!

This is how it goes. I’ll walk you through the traditional anniversary gifts, then the modern take on gifts, and then my new ideas and suggestions!


Year Two Anniversary Gift Ideas

In our first Anniversary Gift post, we covered the history behind anniversary gifts: so we know by now that there is no real logical reason why the proverbial ‘they’ chose cotton as the gift to represent love in the second year. Here is my interpretation. I think it could represent the way that fibers, woven together, make something stronger. Like it? What strengths do you bring to your relationship? What does your significant other contribute? For me and my husband, it is that whole “opposites attract” thing that makes us better together. Where I am weak, he is strong and vice versa. His strengths are focus and patience and mine are that I am ambitious and creative. The perfect combo if I do say so myself.

anniversary celebrate

Cotton Gift as a Second Year Anniversary Gift

Cotton, unlike paper, is a little easier to shop for. You can really get creative with this gift idea: clothing, accessories, linens, tapestries... to name a few. 

When I think of romance, I think of spending quality time with my person. A picnic is a perfect romantic gesture to spend one on one time together. Top it off by putting together a thoughtful meal and drink and sneaking off with your man. So plan a hike to a beautiful, serene spot with this cotton picnic tote. or our picnic blanket from Summer Picnic.

picnic basket gourmet

I found this jewelry and catchall tray that can be customized on Etsy. Very chic. It would look lovely on a nightstand. We also love this cotton print that's personalized with where you met and other fun facts about you as a couple from Paper Anniversary.

 Ring tray with cotton anniversary gift

Other cotton anniversary gifts:

These hammock chairs from La Siesta are absolutely fun and easy to hang in your house or outside.

If you're like me, you've become obsessed with woven wall hangings. Here is one of my favorites from my hometown from artist Megan Shimek.  

One idea for Cotton is to take it metaphorically. Like we mentioned earlier, and like fibers of cotton, what makes you stronger as a whole together like all of these wonderful colors and textures.

 Megan Shimek woven wall hangings


From Bestowe, you can always expect thoughtfully prepared gifts for every occasion, here are some we’ve created that come with a little touch of cotton.

 block printed scarf woman

To Be Loved -  A Beauty Suite: This collection of a handmade luxurious scarf, bath milk, and chocolate. Need I say more. This gift says I love you over and over again.

 mens gift box with socks and craighill key chain

This gift box comes with a handsome pair of socks, a keyring, and whiskey-infused chocolate. Hide tickets to a sports event or concert and you’ve got a really great anniversary gift.

 tea gift box with napkin

Morning Rituals Tea - This set is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. This divine tea paired with a rich dukkah that is dreamy. With a happy cotton tea towel and gorgeous mug, it’s a little piece of paradise in a box.


Modern Spin on the Second Year Anniversary: China

The modern spin on the year 2-anniversary gift is china. Since it’s just two years into your marriage, your wedding china is probably still in good shape, but there are some other china gifts that are one of a kind. I personally can never have enough serving platters and love entertaining in style. This elegant and summery porcelain platter really caught my eye!


Emotional Second Year Anniversary Gift: Comfort

My new approach is Comfort. After 2 years of marriage, it’s time to snuggle up close and get comfy. If you can’t be comfortable in your marriage what is the point? Sweatpants and Netflix come to mind, but I’m also talking about the comfort to express your life visions to one another and promise to help each other achieve them! Bubble baths are also good! Also pasta. Ok, I’m getting off track. An anniversary celebration of comfort could be a simple night away or night in with a candlelight dinner and Sinatra on the record player. After dinner try out some deep questions with a card game like this one. Top off the gift with a Comforts of Home box for a relaxing evening, totally comfortable.


Year Three Anniversary Modern Gift Ideas

Leather. Leather can represent durability and flexibility in a marriage. I really like that word flexibility for a marriage or any relationship. It is so important to bend and give at times. I also think of leather as a material that looks even better when it has  character from age and being a little scuffed up. Marriage asks us to give and take to maybe even get worn down a time or two, but if we have a strong marriage, we are changed for the better.


Leather GIfts for Third-Year of Marriage

I feel good when I have a great looking carryall bag to tote all the important work stuff in. I feel powerful, organized, and like a #bossbabe when my accessories are on point. I am swooning over these leather goods from Ericas Leather on Etsy for both men and women. 

Leather products bags and bels for Anniversaries 

I also realize that leather is not an ethical gift for many people. So, I was thinking of instead volunteering at an animal shelter together or donating to a wildlife preservation to pay tribute to the gift of leather.

We are absolutely loving this clutch from Unoeth, one of our favorite father-daughter brands, made in Ethiopa.

leather bags from oakland, ca

Other leather anniversary gifts:

We have a few great leather gifts on the site as well!

 leather wallet mexican artisan

An Organized Woman comes with an amazing leather clutch that can also be used as a wallet and a stylish, one of a kind, keyring. Coupled with healing bath salts and you will wow your partner.

 leather catch all tray

A Man of Fine Taste is a stylish gift for anyone, but especially those who enjoy the finer things! A leather tray, woodsy candle, and decadent caramels will go great in his office!

 leather coasters

I already mentioned my love for stylish entertaining, that’s probably why I’m partial to this fun gift box. Ginger Beer Garden Mixer comes with hand stamped leather coasters, sophisticated bar nuts, and a small batch ginger beer mixer!


Modern Spin on Third Year Anniversary: Crystal

Of course, Swarovski is top of the line along with several other barware and home decor brands. But I’m a little more partial to the healing aspect of crystals, so what about the idea of giving each other some gorgeous crystals for your house to send positive vibes and healing energy around? And since this article isn’t a lesson in crystals, I found a good one for you from Energy Muse. I like that it walks you through the energy that certain crystals can have in different parts of your house. 


Emotional Third Year Anniversary Gift: Luxury

3 years into your marriage and it probably seems like you are over the hump. So, treating yourselves with some luxury is what I’ve thought up for a new spin for year three. What does luxury mean to your loved one? Is it a night away in a posh hotel with room service and a couples massage? Or maybe it is a day spent at the best museums and cafes around town. For any luxurious date you have planned to celebrate, we have the absolute perfect gift box of luxury to compliment it!


Year Four Anniversary Modern Gift Ideas

Fruit and Flowers. These both represent fertility, hope, and renewal in a marriage. All good things. I love gardening and it is sometimes a struggle. It takes a lot of patience, trial and error, and hope. But when the fruits are bountiful it is a joyful thing. So, this analogy really resonates with me. In year 4 you might be thinking about starting a family and, whatever that may look like for your relationship, why not bless that idea with some great floral gifts?!


Fruit and Flower Gifts 

Gardening can be extremely rewarding and relaxing. How would you feel looking out onto your patio or terrace to a lovely raised garden bed of fresh herbs? This one here is really sweet looking from cb2 Don’t have a patio or much outdoor space, opt indoors with a kitchen herb garden. Or how about installing a living wall together on an outside wall? It can be hard to maintain, but you can also get some guidance from HGTV on how to make it a success. These felt pockets from Plants on Walls make the system pretty easy to handle as well. Maybe someday I'll get my backyard to look like this wall of ferns in Fern Canyon in California.

Fern Canyon Mendocino


And the tree hugger in me would not allow myself to write this article without saying that an actual tree is a great gift! I have gifted many trees and people’s reactions are amazing. This site allows you to pick your tree based on where you live and what type of tree you are looking for. Then plant it and watch it your marriage!


Other Fruit & Flower Gifts for Your Fourth Year Anniversary:

  • Framed pressed flowers
  • Visit your local nursery and plant a garden of native plants or a pollinator garden to bring in the butterflies!
  • Culinary herb wreath
  • Visit an orchard or a vineyard or take a jam-making class together!


Fresh cut flowers exude happiness, but here are a few additions to an arrangement that are also inspired by flowers from Bestowe:

 tea floral

Calm the Soul is a perfect gift to accompany a bouquet of flowers or one of the other fruit and flower gifts I mentioned. Everything in this box is made from botanicals. A tea, bath soak, lip balm, and chocolates. This is an ultimate flower-inspired gift box.

 relax bath gift

Relax & Restore also offers botanical bath soaks and incense that makes me feel like I’m close to nature.


Modern Spin on Four Year Anniversary: Appliances

Ok, let's just briefly go over this. What is this 1970? Get your wife a new vacuum (ok, I do love my Dyson). But seriously... there are a few appliances that are gift worthy.  I certainly wouldn’t complain about a Kitchenaid Mixer, a Breville Espresso Machine (best Christmas gift we ever bought ourselves), or a Roomba vacuum.


Emotional Four Year Anniversary Gift: Nurture

Nurturing our relationships from the root system is vital. My anniversary celebration plan for year 4 would be an adventurous day together. Getting out in nature and pushing the limits just a little bit, strengthening trust and building support. Maybe a ropes course or canopy zip line tour, maybe a nature trail with rivers to cross. If you’re not into the outdoors or if the seasons are wrong, swimming with dolphins at an aquarium or an indoor adventure park sounds just as fun and exhilarating. Get out of your comfort zone a bit! After you’ve faced your fears together, relax with a classy charcuterie board with things you’ve never tried before. We’ve got 2 great gift boxes that would compliment this evening: Start Cooking and Host Your Heart Out.


Bestowe’s Gifting History

If you don’t already know, I have a passion for gifting. I love the emotional connection. The feeling someone gets out of receiving something that they definitely wouldn’t buy for themselves. When I created our gift boxes, I wanted to strengthen that connection even more by connecting the artisans that crafted the gift items to the gift recipient. We get to work with some amazing artists and share their craft with others. And hopefully, that makes the gift even sweeter. I hope this gift guide has inspired you for your next anniversary gift! We would love to be a part of your celebration. Shop here for more anniversary gift ideas.


Do you have a favorite anniversary gift you received? What was it? What year was it? How did it make you feel? Tell me everything!


Stay tuned - up next I’m taking the next step in the anniversary series with Year 5 - Trip Planning. I’ve got so many ideas for every budget and destination. I cannot wait to share them all with you!

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