Corporate Gifting: Making a Lasting Impression

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Corporate Gifting - A Gift of Connection

Attached to my key ring is an adorable keychain that was gifted to me at the closing of my home. Let’s just say that was an ambiguous number of years ago. It’s an adorable, tiny, brass house. Now patinaed by purse grime, it reminds me of those seemingly care-free (and kid-free) days in the past. Flash forward through years of corporate ladder climbing, sales and marketing training, design seminars, and the evolution of technology in business to being an entrepreneur, and I’ve learned the importance of this little gesture. Yes, it is a reminder of an experience, but the reminder of a relationship is its purpose. It’s supposed to remind me of the realtor who gave it to me so that every time someone asks the question, “Who did you buy your house from?” or “Do you have a real estate company recommendation?", I will remember the tiny token, the patience given to me by my realtor, and the easy experience she fostered. I will gloat about her to anyone asking. And it works. I do just that. Without even thinking. Plus, did I mention how cute it is?


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The perfect sales technique: a gift

The other day it struck me that this is still an extremely viable and widely used sales technique. Years ago when cold calling was the way sales teams operated, these were called touches. Also referred to as pop-by gifts. Am I getting any nods here? Stick with me. These were inexpensive gifts that were presented at a certain time of the sales procedure. Maybe at the third visit, a salesperson would “pop by” (get it?) and leave you a small bag of cookies or a pen.  We see it all the time. A mug with a logo on it, a coozie, a tote bag, a sticker …. all gloating a business, a tagline, or more likely, a hashtag.

A lot of those gifts bare a company logo as a reminder, but my sweet tiny-house keychain does not. It symbolizes more than the business. It represents an emotion. Something that will never be forgotten as long as brass never rusts. So, I did a little research to find out how businesses are using these today and here is what I found.

Corporate Gifting in the 20-Teens:

The modern corporate gifting model revolves around connections and memorability. It is fun and outside the box. It appears when you least expect it. And it’s not only for clients! Both employees and clients are the recipients of the massive marketing shift in corporate gifting. I’ve broken these 2 categories down, but they have one important thing in common; the culture they create around a brand.

 happy employees

Internal Corporate Gifting

There are many ways to keep employees happy, engaged, and loyal, and gifting is one of them. A few years back I took an online class with Wharton Business School and something the professor said has forever stuck with me. He said that happy employees = happy customers and happy customers = $$$. It seems so simple, but easy to overlook. Here are a few ways to keep employees happy through gifting in the workplace.

Corporate Event GIfts

Think party favors! When you leave a bridal shower or a 2-year old birthday party there is always a parting, thank-you gift. Corporate events have evolved to incorporate this! Corporate events are commencing with large baskets filled with items to remind them of the experience, not a coozie with a logo they will shove in a drawer and never use, but a usable (dare I say cute) gift that will say thank you for coming and spark the feeling that they meant something to you. Can I tell you how many times I walked out of a long corporate seminar exhausted and dead to the world? It would have been a huge pick-me-up to have received a goodie bag on the way out - sans logo-embossed, garbage can material. I would have felt honored, appreciated, and excited about working for my company instead of in need of a vacation to get over it. Some ideas for corporate event gifting are:

  • Seminars
  • Launch Parties
  • Conferences
  • Board of Directors/Annual Meetings
  • Holiday Parties

Employee Retention Gifts

Employee longevity and incentives have never meant more. Health insurance packages are not enough to retain top talent today. A sought after workplace has open kitchens stocked with bountiful snacks and beverages, birthday weeks (a literal week off work just for your birthday), and just endless amenities to boost productivity and loyalty. Some ideas for employee retention gifts are:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Project Completions/Milestones
  • Team Achievements

Employee Engagement Gifts

Celebrations are not forgotten in the modern workplace - bringing home a baby, getting married, and employee anniversary are all noted and celebrated with intention.  In addition, condolence gifts are equally gifted. Sharing life experiences and connecting means more than ever.


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External Corporate Gifting

Like I mentioned, these “touch” gifts aren’t dead, they have just evolved. And they are cornerstone to client retention and referrals. In fact:

71% of people feel more connected to a company that they have received a special gift from and will continue to do business based on that connection. 


53% of corporate managers say that gifting results in referrals or a sale. 

The size of the gift is important for sending the right message, the gift could be a small favor such as a calming oil to take back to the hotel with them after an out of town client meeting or a leather bound journal and pen for new client onboarding. There are some other great client gift ideas here. With client gifting you are nurturing a relationship and building loyalty, some key times to gift to a client are:

  • Prospective Client Gifting
  • Welcome Gifts for New Clients
  • Client Thank You Gifts
  • Referral Gifts
  • Client Event Gifts/Favors
  • Client Milestone/Project Completion Gifts
  • Client Apology Gifts

Another survey tells us that companies with a gift giving program are twice as likely to increase their chances of being contacted by recipients as those who don’t send gifts.


Standing Out from the Competition

One idea to not get lost in the holiday gift basket compilation is to make a concerted effort to gift at different times of the year and not just during the holidays. Instead, stand out in one of the other 11 months of the year. Gifting for reasons other than the holidays will keep you top of mind with your clients and not something in the middle of all of the other gifts they might receive. Use the small gift that evokes emotion and connection. They are invaluable.

Bestowe’s Connection Gifts

That is why I am launching my newest gift category: Bestowe’s Connection Gifts. Each month we will feature a new item. Drawing inspiration from my keychain, we will first feature a durable, hand-made, leather and brass key holder. Like my very aged brass keychain, this will last forever. If you'd like, we can even personalize it for you. If you're interested in pre-ordering these keychains before the holidays, you'll need to get in touch with us by Nov 7. We are running a limited run, with a minimum order during this first round. Connect Here The gift comes with a small thank you card and a sleeve box. We can also handle shipping for you too!

personalized keychains for corporate client gifting

I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions on what type of touch gift is that you'd like to give away as well. As we are launching these every month, the more suggestions the merrier! Connect Here

These gifts will connect you with your employees. They will connect you with your clients and speak volumes of your appreciation of them. And they will connect you with your potential customers by way of instagram (I mean referrals). The good kind of referral. The kind where people don’t even have to think about it, but are subconsciously holding their keys and saying, you definitely need to call [insert your company name]. Need some inspiration for your gifts, browse here.


A Corporate Gifting Company that Means More

Bestowe is a gifting company that focuses on making all gifting easier. At your fingertips. With our corporate gifts, they are thoughtful and curated, yet professional. With a line up of connection gifts, you can mix and match so that seminar guests can pick out a gift, you can stock up your HR gift cabinet with a variety of ready-to-give gifts, you can fill your goodie bags at a one-stop shop.


Ready to get started building your business with gifts? Contact us and let’s talk about our custom services for corporate gifting.



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