Corporate Gift Giving That Supports Small Businesses

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At least one third of all small businesses in the U.S. closed during the COVID-19 crisis, many never to open their doors again. With this alarming fact in mind, it’s more important than ever to support the small businesses and artisans in our communities however we possibly can. 

We urge you to support small businesses the next time you‘re shopping for a gift, whether it be for corporate gifting or personal gifting. Buying gifts from small businesses rather than chain stores or online corporations is an easy change that makes a big social and environmental impact. 

Here at Bestowe, we partner with tons of incredible small businesses and artisans, so we have plenty of gift ideas that support small businesses to get you inspired!

Reasons Why Corporate Gift Giving Should Support Small Businesses 

Large-scale corporate gifting can sometimes come off as cold or impersonal. One of the best ways to make your corporate gifting feel more personal and meaningful is to source your gifts from small businesses and artisans from your local area. Perhaps you can even shop from some of your important clients or business partners and strengthen your working relationships in the process! 

Sourcing gifts from small local businesses can also help make your corporate gifting more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Gifts produced by small businesses and artisans in your community typically have a lower carbon footprint than those produced in a far-away factory that must be shipped halfway across the world. 

In today’s world, employees want to work for sustainable businesses and consumers want to support sustainable businesses. Whether shopping for your team members or clients, gift giving is the perfect opportunity to communicate your values and create positive associations with your brand. 

10 Examples of Gifts That Support Small Businesses

1. A gift card to a local coffee shop paired with a bag of fresh coffee beans or handcrafted herbal teas and a ceramic mug

2. A reusable bag or a basket from your local thrift store filled with fresh produce and goodies from your neighborhood farmer’s market, natural food store, or co-op. This is the perfect housewarming or hostess gift. 

3. A small business subscription, like this Brightland olive oil subscription that delivers consciously-crafted extra virgin olive oils, flavored oils, and bottles of vinegar throughout the year. This gift keeps on giving! 

4. A canvas toiletry bag or “Dopp kit” paired with some organic body care products. This is a great gift for someone who loves to travel or an employee who’s always traveling for work. 

best gifts from small businesses

5. A night out on the town, featuring gift cards from your favorite happy hour, dinner, and dessert spots. This gift spreads the love to different small businesses in your area! 

6. Some beautiful glassware and a bottle of alcohol from your favorite local distillery or wine from a nearby winery. This is a fun celebratory gift for a promotion, engagement, or the holiday season. 

7. A local farm subscription or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box that delivers fresh, seasonal produce right to their doorstep. 

8. A “support local” gift basket with a variety of fun gifts from artisans and makers in your area. Check out our Northern California gift and Southern California gift for ideas on what to include. 

best small business gifts

9. A gift card to enjoy an experience in their neighborhood, such as a yoga class, a pottery class, a kayaking tour, or a cooking class. Ideally an activity they have been wanting to try out! 

10. A picnic-themed gift with an ethically-woven picnic blanket and some gourmet snacks. Pair it with a local guidebook to the best parks in the area or plan a surprise outing to show them your favorite spot! 

best gifts from small businesses

Best Small Business Gifts for Clients

Gifts from small businesses make great client gifts– they show that your business values supporting your community and they’re more unique and special than other kinds of gifts that you can find anywhere. We recommend customizing thank you gifts for your clients whenever possible, and always, always include a personalized thank you note with the gift. 

  • A Little Thank You: This gift box includes a beautiful Paddywax candle, a festive matchbook, and champagne-flavored gummy bears. It’s a simple yet sweet client thank you gift that would be perfect for the holidays or when closing out a project. 

creative client gifts

  • In the Kitchen: This gift set includes a nice tea towel, 100% pure raw honey, a wood honey wand, lemongrass mint soap, and Beeswrap sustainable food storage wraps. 

Small Business Gift

  • Creative Brainstorm: This thank you gift set is fun and unique– featuring a BIG IDEA sketchbook, erasable colored pencils, and snacks, it will help get their creative juices flowing.

best small business gifts

Need More Creative Small Business Gift Ideas? 

The best way to come up with more creative small business gift ideas is to get out and about and visit some stores, studios, and markets in person! Do some window shopping. Talk to shop owners or artisans and ask them what their favorite products or pieces are. Visit holiday markets or craft markets in your area. If you don’t find anything, buy some gift cards from small businesses in person or online. Then think of what experiences or outings you can pair with the gift cards or gifts that you buy to make it extra special and memorable.

Bestowe’s Approach to Supporting Small Businesses

As a small business ourselves, we do everything we can to support other small businesses and artisans, because we know firsthand what a difference it can make. We only partner with vendors and artisans whose missions align with that of a sustainable and ethical process. Our small business vendors are consciously aware of their impact on the earth and are also continuously working to give back. When you support Bestowe, you’re also supporting the efforts our small business and artisan partners are making! 

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