In the Kitchen: A gift worthy of any housewarming or chef

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Much needed and can’t-live-without items that will be welcome in any kitchen, no matter how novice or avid a cook. 

kitchen gift box for a chef brass sink faucet

Our In the Kitchen box has it all. Your eyes will be delighted with one of these unique prints from San Francisco designer and printer, Jen Garrido (aka: Jenny Pennywood). Currently, Jenny Pennywood is a home textile line focused on creating small batch, and everyday artistically made products. Bound to make doing the dishes a little bit more exciting.

In The Kitchen: A Gift Worthy Of Any Housewarming Or Chef

For the bee-lover in you...Sola Bee Yellow Star Thistle honey. Yellow Star Thistle is an invasive weed, yet loved by honey bees and used to make one spectacular honey varietal. Light, crisp and full of flavor, this honeys citrus notes pair well with light goat cheeses or Greek yogurt, and it's perfect for use in tea. Dip into that honey with a clever little honey wand by Willful Goods. It’s been dipped in a silicone color to give your kitchen a little pizazz.

In The Kitchen: A Gift Worthy Of Any Housewarming Or Chef

Our absolute favorite kitchen essential...Bee's Wrap® storage paper. Wrap bread, cheese, vegetables, or a bowl! It is the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Just use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and mold it to whatever. It’s completely reusable and washable with warm water too!

In The Kitchen: A Gift Worthy Of Any Housewarming Or Chef

Etta + Billie’s Lemongrass Mint Soap is an uplifting blend of earthy citrusy lemongrass and fresh exhilarating peppermint. Green clay detoxifies and organic lemongrass leaves gently exfoliate. Soaps are handcrafted in small batches using organic ingredients. This box of goodies will, for sure, tantalize your eyes, nose, AND taste buds!

In the kitchen jenny pennywood gift box

Buy the box, In the Kitchen, now.

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