Top Gift Ideas for Men this Father's Day

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It's so hard to find the right present for a guy. Most men know what they want and get it for themselves. So, what are we left with when we need to find something to give them that they'll get excited about? If you actually get the rare man who ends up talking about what they want then you have to look no further.  But for those of us who have a dad, a partner, or a friend we think of as dad, who go completely blank, I’m going to give you some ideas that will get the ball rolling! 

But hey, we get it. You might have too much on your plate. if you're feeling overwhelmed, skip over to our Father's Day page! Buy your gift from us and we'll wrap and ship it to arrive just in time for Father's Day!  Shop Now! And stay tuned by signing up for our Facebook page to hear about exclusive deals leading up to the big day!

The man who is just plain hard to shop for: The Perfect Gifts

We've comprised some of our favorite ideas for you to give a gift to any father figure. Whether your a big spender or a penny pincher, we have something for everyone.

fathers day gift delivery

The Man that Likes to Cook

High Price: a smoker! Get him outdoors and cooking some smoked goods for you and the fam. There's something about standing around outside around cooking food that's just been in their genes for years! They'll love it. 

dad smoking meat bbq

Low Price: A book about cooking or BBQing or a meat of the month club such as a BBQ Monthly Club or The Butcher Club

Our Gift: We have the perfect solution. An apron from our Start Cooking Gift box (pictured above). This is the perfect melding of cooking and bbq'ing. It's made up of a rugged selvedge denim that any man can pull off! The gift also comes with some artisan honey they can use in their bbq sauce.

The Man that Likes (or could use some advice on how) to Look Good

Tie for a father's day present

High Price: A High End Watch

Low Price: A classy shirt from Faherty Brand (absolutely one of our go to favorites.

Our Gift: Our Tie Guy gift box. Maybe a regular tie isn't the most unique gift, but these ties aren't regular. Choose from 7 different types. Plus, what guy couldn't use a nice new tie in their wardrobe?

The Man Who Loves to Drink

Some men like beer, others a stiff glass of whiskey, and still other a perfect take on a new type of non-alcoholic drink. Find a gift box that will up their game as bartender. We have two perfect sets right here actually! Our Mixology Gift Set and our Happy Hour/Take it Easy Gift.

mixology gift set

High Price: Whiskey of the Month Club

Low Price: a whiskey/wine/root beer tasting at your local distillery/winery/brewery.

Why not make an event of it for the whole fam. Take him out for a day!

Our Gift: Our Mixology Gift box makes the perfect sentiment for anyone looking to step up their game at the bar. We also have a new Non-alcoholic Gift set coming soon. Sign up now to 

The Man Who Travels

 leather mens wallet

High Price: How about a bump up to first class on his next trip!

Low Price: Some new earbuds for the plane, a subscription to audible for the road trip or commute.

Our Gift: A new wallet from Just for Him or a dopp kit and travel Juniper Ridge body soap from Freshen Up to store all of their travel gear in. Find something for any grateful pop.


All of these gifts above can be found with some research online! If you want to make it easy on yourself, come to our store. We'll ship your gift for you to arrive just in time for Father's Day! Shop Now! And stay tuned by signing up for our Facebook page to hear about exclusive deals leading up to the big day!

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