Virtual Party Ideas to Celebrate Together from Afar

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As we near the end of year, there continues to be uncertainty around gathering together in groups, both small and large. Health is a major concern, but in addition, it appears as though many people have taken positively to traveling less and staying connected virtually. While a recent small study showed event planners eager to move gatherings to in-person, attendees on the other hand preferred virtual events over in-person when given the choice. 

The preference for attending virtual events is not unique to only the workplace or personal life. In both cases, virtual meetings, celebrations, and parties of all kinds are still happening. Read below for new party possibilities, reminders, and unique gift boxes to take your virtual fiesta from boring to bougie!

Turning Your Virtual Party Ideas Into Reality

The possibilities are endless when it comes to throwing a party, even a virtual one. Let your creativity flow and always be willing to try something new. If it turns out differently than planned, take note and make adjustments for next time. There is no one set of rules or guidelines that will automatically make your virtual gathering of any kind an instant success. But there are some tips you can follow and additional ideas to inspire you along the way.  

Ground Rules and Guidelines for Any Virtual Party

Almost everyone has recently virtually attended a meeting, hang out with friends, or even a job interview that lasted too long, that felt exceptionally 2 dimensional, and/or made you never want to get online again. Throwing a virtual party sounds fun but has the potential to turn boring and long very quickly. Read through the list below as you start to plan out your virtual get-together. Even though many people have less on their social agenda than they used to, it remains practical to give your guests at least 3-5 weeks to put the event on their calendar and to prepare accordingly. Be sure to decide the platform for hosting your party with enough time to send any links, passwords, or instructions to your invitees. Searching for the web address, party link, and password instructions buried amongst party details for a virtual event might be equal to the frustration of showing up to a party only to find out there are six parking spaces at the location and everybody else is on their own 🙄 . You do not need to have the virtual platform and all the details completely worked out before sending a save-the-date invite of some sort. BUT, once the details are set in stone, make sure your guests receive them within 3-5 days. 

Tips on Running a Smooth and Sensational Virtual Party 

  • Make instructions for logging into the party clear and accessible for invitees.
  • Have a timeline and agenda to help keep the party moving.
  • Find an interactive way for everyone to “do” something together. 
  • Ask a few friends/fellow party planners or co-workers to help keep the agenda moving under the radar in case you get distracted. 
  • Consider a theme that allows participants to come dressed up, with a story to share, or some way of igniting excitement in the days building up to the party. 
  • Try not to spend too much time talking at your guests but instead spark conversation and opportunities for people to share and interact. 

Check out and consider following on social media, these top event influencers for inspiration for events large and small. Don’t be afraid to take an idea and make it your own. 

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas to Keep You Connected and Festive

Ugly Sweater Contest

This has definitely been done before, but for some reason, it always seems fun. Maybe this year, bonus points get added for either a virtual background or a background scene your guests are tuning in from. The more elaborate and creative the better.  

Christmas / Holiday Trivia Game

There are dozens of ways to find games online but consider making your own that fits your group of family, friends, or company. Offer small gift cards that can be sent virtually and immediately as prizes and motivation for joining in on the fun.

Send Custom Gift Baskets Ahead of Time

This may sound like a lot of work but it won’t be any additional work if you send a ready-to-ship gift basket like this Holiday Sweets option. Or if you are hosting a livelier crowd, The Mixologist gift set is the way to go. 

Ask People to Share a Song, Passage, or Traditional Activity

Take the opportunity to learn something new alongside the people coming to your virtual holiday party by inviting people to come prepared to share a song everyone can learn and sing together, read a passage that captures the essence of the holiday, or participate in a cultural tradition other than your own.  

Bingo Drinking Game With Prizes

If you’re already sending The Mixologist set from above or decided on the slightly more affordable Mini Cocktail Kit (that comes with caramels too), you might as well kick off the drinking with a bingo game or ten. Make up your own rules for when to drink or just play bingo and keep the mini cocktails flowing.

Ready for more content?

Celebrate the New Year with One or All of These Virtual New Year’s Party Ideas

Create an interconnected costume party requirement.

Have everyone dress up as someone from a certain holiday movie, decorative item, or holiday scene. When everyone is on camera together, you can strike a pose and make everyone feel like dressing up was worth that one photo.  

Pick something for everyone to do at the exact same time the clock strikes midnight and have everyone share photo proof (#picsoritdidnthappen) after midnight. 

You could have everyone take a photo with a clock, a random household item in their hands, or a specific location. Whatever it may be, the excitement of coming back together to share with everyone will help take away the feeling of not actually being together.

Hire a virtual DJ and dance away 2021 across screens. 

Find a good friend who actually knows what they are doing, or consider hiring a real-life DJ that would be willing to set up shop in their own room and send all the good vibes and dance beats across the internet for everyone to enjoy.

virtual new years party

New Year. New You. New House. Virtual Housewarming Party Ideas to Share With Your Friends and Family

As people continue to move forward with their lives, this might also involve actually moving. Housewarming parties have generally served a dual purpose of showing off your new digs while also having the perfect excuse to bring together the people in your life. Since everyone is traveling less, keeping more distance from others, and spending increased time at home, why not try something new and throw a virtual housewarming party?

Your virtual housewarming party could include: 

  • A progressive tour where you spend a few chunks of time in 3-4 of your most favorite new rooms to show off the decor and give others the chance to see and ask questions.
  • A short slideshow with before and after photos of your new home prepared ahead of time to share with your guests. 
  • Share a google doc with your guests and ask them to share with you links to the best cleaning products, home hacks, inspiring photos, lessons learned, etc. as you enter this new phase of your life.

Maybe you are not the one who moved but instead, you want to host a housewarming party for someone you know. You could put together an Amazon wishlist of items you know they need and ask your circle of friends to purchase gifts ahead of time. 

Consider sending one of these already prepared and ready-to-ship home gift baskets: 

  • The Host Your Heart Out basket for that special day when having guests in your home to host will eventually come to pass. 
  • Give a bit of special warmth by sending the Comforts of Home basket for someone to enjoy a delicious smelling bar of soap, some decadent chocolate, or a delightfully sweet candle.
  • For your friend who loves to cook, get them this thoughtful In the Kitchen set with beautifully printed tea towels, small-batch honey, and sustainable bee’s wrap.

Consider These Virtual Retirement Party Ideas When An In-Person Party Isn’t An Option 

Show a Retirement Appreciation Reel

Request short video clips and photos from friends, family, and co-workers ahead of time and turn them into a beautiful montage and tribute to a work-life well lived. Watching the video together and experiencing it alongside the retiree will be special and worth all the effort to pull it off. 

Have Attendees Share Stories from Different Time Frames

Depending on how many years the retiree was in their field, consider asking attendees to share stories from different years, decades, positions, states worked in, etc. Give a general time limit so no one takes too long and many are able to share in the joy of celebrating a long career. 

Choose Meaningful Photos to Spark Stories and Laughter

Choose 3-8 photos, newspaper clippings, awards, etc. to highlight aspects of the retiree’s career. A short explanation of why this particular item is meaningful, memorable, or worth talking about will hopefully spark others to share their perspective and involvement as a way to honor the career being celebrated. 

Suggest Food and Drink Items to “Share” Together

If you cannot send food and drinks in the mail to everyone ahead of time, consider sharing your honored guest’s few favorites for the attendees to pick up for the virtual event. If they have a signature cocktail, a favorite snack, or even a favorite sweet indulgence, encourage everyone invited to have these things on hand as part of the shared fun. Possibly this set of Sweet Treats for each attendee to enjoy while celebrating together. 

Present a Gift to Honor the Retiree 

Many companies will give gifts to those retiring from their team but family and friends also enjoy the chance to honor a career well spent. Take special time during the virtual party to present a large gift from multiple people or possibly choose a few people ahead of time to share a story and present their gifts. Be clear upfront on the time allocated for each gift so as to keep the party moving at a steady pace. 

virtual retirement party

Inspiring Virtual Party Ideas & Gifts Curated by Bestowe Gifting

Bestowe Gifting has had the honor of designing virtual party gift boxes for a couple of recent events both corporate and personal. This Google gift set was for a virtual paint party. It included a painter’s kit with items such as a canvas, paint, paintbrushes, and even some snacks to enjoy while becoming the next Picasso. 

Virtual Party Ideas

A couple celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary shared the milestone celebration with their loved ones by putting together gift sets complete with drink mixers, drink recipes to try at home, snacks, and custom coasters. 

Get in touch with our team at Bestowe to start crafting your own custom and ready-to-ship gift boxes for any special occasion or virtual party!

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