How to Welcome Your Employees to the Office with Gift Ideas

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The current pandemic has affected all of us in ways we could have never imagined. Most affected was the way we operate our businesses. Figuring out how to manage employees working from home was a struggle. Once everything seemed to be working smoothly, we are suddenly opening back up and returning to the days when we all came into one office to work.  

Getting your team acclimated to working in the office once again can be a challenge. Some businesses might be choosing to have people work from home full-time, while others might be opting for hoteling with shared desk arrangements. These efforts begin with the organization. It is important to create a motivational atmosphere as you welcome employees back to the office setting. Many employees are happy to get back to work. Having the camaraderie, communicating more effectively, and returning to their normal workstations may be just what they need. To promote engagement and inspire them, try these methods to welcome them back in a positive way. If you want to make it easy on yourself, you can also hire us for custom gifting to create gifts for your whole team.

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How to Welcome Your Employees Back to the Office Post-Covid

Prioritize Your Employees’ Mental Health Post-COVID

Use positive reinforcement to maintain a stress-free environment. Your employees are your greatest assets, so make sure they have a place where they feel welcome and free to discuss any concerns with management.

Collaborative Sessions

It is important that returning employees bond all over again and revive their working relationships. Interactive activities and festivities can foster personalized interactions. Team building exercises help boost morale and get them comfortable working together in the office again.

Allow Independence When Returning to the Office

Trusting your team and being confident in their ability to succeed in their positions is a great way to welcome them back. They have been working on their own for months, and they have handled the situation well. Recognize this and allow them to show their leadership qualities and special talents.

Full Communication

Communication in the office is just as important as it was while they were working remotely. Find out how their remote experiences worked for them. Keep the lines of communication open to foster collaboration.

Show Appreciation and Welcome Employees Back Through Gifts

Welcome back gifts are a great way to show appreciation for their hard work while working remotely. Use these ideas to show your gratitude. While we, at Bestowe, offer individual gifts to buy for your employees and even full service design and large scale projects, we also have locally sourced, artisan packaged gifts available as well - a perfect way to show appreciation and welcome your team back!

The Home Office Upgrade

For use at home (as we know not all of the staff might come back to the office) or to refresh their workspace at the office, this bundle will help them create a great space and let them get their snack on  throughout the day.  It includes a Moleskin Classic Collection Notebook to take notes during meetings and jot down ideas, Burly Beverages Cola Syrup, Hello Day pencil set, rich and creamy Black Lava Sea Salt Caramels by McCrea’s Candies, and a Bless Handcrafted Goods leather coaster. Just a bit of a perk to make them feel welcomed and appreciated. Appreciation in the workspace can go a long way.

Food Lover

While working remotely, your team probably spent some, (ok maybe a lot of) time snacking. Give them a taste of home with delicious bourbon pecans, Banner Road granola, Yellow Star Thistle candle, and honey wand.

Bestowe Digital Gift Card

Not sure what to gift your employees? Present them with a digital gift card and let them choose their perfect package. Another spot where you can plug my services yet again. Use key words here like employee appreciation gifts, custom employee gifting, etc, I’d like to see what key words you find.

While things are starting to return to a sense of normalcy, it’s still important to be sensitive to our employees, their concerns and do everything we can to reassure them. When welcoming employees back to the office, we should be thoughtful and show them how valued they are through our actions and words, but through gestures - like a gift - as well. Bestowe offers curated themed gift boxes with small-batch goods and artisan-crafted products that are affordable and unique. Check out more of our curated client gifts here. 

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