Ideas for Virtual Hangouts that will Make a Connected Holiday Season

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The vaccine is coming! It can’t come soon enough, in my opinion. A couple of days ago, I saw a picture of a busy street in Australia and people appeared to be living normal lives. I became slightly jealous. It’s summer in Australia, so it’s a tough comparison to the U.S. as we are in the throes of what promises to be a tough winter. But, it’s also encouraging that we will be there, soon, with or without masks.

From a personal standpoint, the light of the tunnel keeps me going. I long for the days of being back to normal. Crossing my fingers that we have just a few more months of sacrifice. Extreme vigilance in protecting yourself, your family and your fellow man is more crucial than ever.

So, I have been thinking about how we can pass the time, while we wait for the vaccine and hopefully mass-immunity. Knowing that big parties and even a quick, after work happy hour are off the table for now, I’ve put together some ideas on how you can be close to family and friends, virtually. 

Please check out the ideas and share any that you might have. Hopefully, most of these won’t be relevant next year!

Secret Santa

We’ll start with a time-honored office tradition that we love, the Secret Santa party!

  1. Set-up a meeting with your video chat tool of choice
  2. Set-up a gift budget
  3. Assign each participant a giftee and their address
  4. During your designated time, have everyone grab their beverage of choice and unwrap!
  5. Have each giftee guess who gave them their gift and why they think it’s that person
  6. Have each gift giver explain their rational for the gift they chose to give

This is sure you spark fun dialogue and help everyone get to know each other. Plus, you get a gift and who doesn’t like that part of it?

Puzzle off and drink Mixology Happy Hour

We are big into the happy hours, and with Covid and stay at home orders in full effect still, we think having a happy hour paired with a puzzle off is a great way to shake up the typical happy hour. Just order a puzzle ahead of time to be sent to both addresses. Start the puzzle while having a drink. Check back in throughout the break and see your progress. I love pairing any activity with a cool new drink. Find a great new idea on Pinterest and everyone on the happy hour can share the same experience of making something new together (memories and drinks!!!). Awe.

Virtual Wine Tasting

I had you at wine, didn’t I? Lots of my ideas come with wine (I blame it on being wine country adjacent). Regardless of your region, you can follow these easy steps for a virtual event sure to make some laughs and memories.

  1. Pick a time that works for you and your friends
  2. Set a per bottle budget and determine how may bottles you will need (no penalties for buying too much!)
  3. Develop a list of exquisite wines and assign them to your guests
  4. Have each guest prepare exotic hor d’oeuveres to show off on camera
  5. Discuss and compare notes on the wines and the food!

Cookie Making Class with Food Lala

We partnered with Food La La this season to give you a cookie making box. Have you seen the box? It's super cute. Here it is if you haven't. With the purchase of our gift box people receive a free month of a cooking class. What a great way to celebrate with those you can't see. Instead take a class together and share in the same experience.

Send Thoughtful Gifts

Yes, I am slightly biased here as this is why I started my business. However, to fill the void of traditional face-to-face holiday love, having a virtual event, or even a virtual one-on-one and sharing gifts that are memorable is a great way show your appreciation and admiration.

Remember, we are almost there and we’ve fought hard and sacrificed a lot this year. Raise a glass, show gratitude and prepare for normal!

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