Hispanic-Themed Holiday Gift Ideas

Celebrate the vibrant culture and rich flavors of Hispanic heritage this holiday season with luxury gourmet gift boxes for clients and employees.

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Hispanic Artisan Gift Boxes

Luxury gourmet Hispanic Artisan gift boxes combine gourmet flavors with wellness, making them the perfect gift for him, her, or them.


Siete Gourmet Gift Boxes

For every occasion, luxury gourmet Siete gift boxes are perfect for gluten-free food lovers.

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Hispanic Artisan Gift Boxes

The richness of Hispanic Artisan Culture and luxe gluten-free gourmet flavors make these gift boxes perfect for health-conscious recipients with a taste for the finer things in life.

Siete Gourmet Fiesta Gift Box

• Chile Lime Puff Chips

• Lime Tortilla Chips

• Grain Free Mexican Wedding Cookies

• Grain Free Fresas Con Crema Cookies

• Traditional Botana Sauce


Gourmet Entertaining Hispanic Gift Box

• Three Siete Botana Sauces

• Wooden Sauce Bowl by Casa Bella Vita

• Cotton Oaxacan Tortilla Warmer


Artisan at Home Hispanic Gift Box

• Siete Cookies

• Wooden Table Cookies

• Nopalera Cactus Soap

• Millennial Lotería Playing Cards

• Contento Brande Colombian Coffee

• Perch Candle


Siete Gourmet Gift Boxes For Team Building Events

Make your team events an occasion to savor with a mix of Siete Gourmet Gift Boxes - curated with your own branded product or packaging and the perfect crowd-pleasing gluten-free snacks.




Hispanic Artisan highlight

Nopalera,  was founded to elevate and celebrate Latin Culture. Their products are Inspired by the beauty and richness of Mexico. "Growing up, nopales were everywhere. We’d frequently cut them from our own yard and cook them. Later, I began using nopales in my artisan bath and body products, and Nopalera was born." Sandra Jeff / founder. Nopalera is committed to making high-end products with clean ingredients and celebrating natural beauty and resilience wherever we find it. In 2023 they were featured on Shark Tank too!

Andrés Ozzuna, the owner and leader of Wooden Table Baking Company, grew up in San Isidro, Argentina, just outside Buenos Aires. He inherited his love of cooking from his grandmother, Tomasa, with whom he spent weekends making cookies, raviolis, and tarts. In 2011, Andrés started Wooden Table Baking Company, naming it after the communal wooden table where his family gathered to cook and share precious moments. Andrés and his company honor Argentine tradition by baking goods from scratch with high-quality ingredients, following the recipes passed down by his grandmother.

Michelle Valdez-Wilton, the founder and CEO of Date Better Snacks. With a background as a trained pastry chef, Michelle launched the company in February 2022 to offer a healthier alternative to traditional candy bars. Using Medjool dates and organic chocolate, she crafted a line of indulgent snacks like Peanut Butter Crunch and Hazelnut, now available in 700 stores and boutique hotels. Michelle's dedication to clean ingredients and her passion for health drive the success of Date Better Snacks, celebrated for their delicious flavors and guilt-free indulgence.


Showcase your commitment to employee wellness with luxurious Hispanic Gourmet Gift Boxes they’ll love to receive.


Practically promote your organization’s values of health, wellness, and inclusivity by thoughtfully gifting our selection of Hispanic Artisan Gift Boxes as client thank-you gifts.


Bestowe's Gifting Services make holiday gifting effortless. We offer custom packaging and “build your own box” options for a wide variety of curated artisan gifts like our Hispanic Artisan Gift Boxes, all tailored to your brand and budget.

Best-selling Hispanic Artisan Gift Boxes

Need inspiration? Choose one of our pre-curated best-selling Hispanic gift sets and let us do the rest.


 Discover the best in luxury Hispanic gifts with Bestowe Gifting. Our pre-curated artisan selections and white glove service allow you to skip the gifting headache and get back to what you do best.



"The customer service was AMAZING! From delivering custom options with the logo prefilled, to handling shipping and managing the timeline - it was the least stressful experience I've ever had navigating holiday gifting."

Michelle P | Alley Marketing

"Seeing the options and proposed packaging made it very easy and assured us of what our clients would receive. Catherine took the stress out of our gifting process."

Kaitlyn | Hilltop Holdings

"Even on a tight timeline, we were able to create really great packages with Bestowe that got a ton of really positive feedback. It was an easy and enjoyable process."

Katie M | Little Cinema

"Working with Bestowe to create memorable packages for our virtual event attendees was super easy and enjoyable. She brought great ideas to the table and delivered high quality products. Our customers absolutely loved them!" 

Tina S | Ironclad Conference

"Wow! Bestowe exceeded my expectations with their superb gift wrapping, shipping, and personalization options! The entire experience was smooth and stress-free, and I was thrilled to support several local businesses through this fantastic small, female-owned establishment."

Ernesto M | Lyft Employee Gifts