Custom Corporate Gift Boxes: Should Your Company Embrace the Latest Trend?

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Are you tired of the same old corporate swag?

Guess what, your employees and clients are tired of it to…

Key Facts You Should Know Before You Start Your Next Gifting Project

According to PPAI, in 2020, 66% of consumers stated they throw away promotional products they think useless (and less face it, a lot of corporate gifts are because they are either branded or not actually thoughtfully given). So, before you consider buying cheap corporate swag for your next gifting moment, imagine writing a check for 66% of your total gifting budget and throwing it in the trash!

And the stats don’t end there. Only 56% keep promotional products they find useful, and only 50% keep promotional products they find attractive. That puts your gifting ROI on a slippery slope. And that’s before you consider all the other pitfalls that can make corporate gifting these days feel like you’re navigating a maze at the zoo!

In today's world, millennials and Gen Z’s demand more than just your run-of-the-mill corporate gifts. They want something that's eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, allergy-free, purposeful and genuinely unique too! They have set the new baseline for everyone...

That's why custom made corporate gift boxes are becoming the latest trend!

If you’re new to concept, here’s what you need to know

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes: The Next Silver Bullet?

We all know the importance of corporate gifting in our client and employee relationships. But unless you’re an expert in sourcing eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, nut-free, thoughtful and purposeful unique gifts that are both useful and attractive and will delight ALL recipients, working with a custom gift box company is your silver bullet. Because, let's face it, that list of desires is very long!

And gone are the days when an ill-thought through gift goes unnoticed — we live in a world where nothing is private. Whether your gift idea tanks, or wins hearts and minds, you’ll be sure to find out when your recipients post on their latest Tiktok or Instagram Real. If your gifts fail to hit the mark, the buck stops with you!

By choosing to go down the custom gift box path, you can outsource the entire problem to a company that understands your brand, your employee and client demographics and values and can find the perfect match…

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes: Are they worth it?

If you’ve never done it before, the concept of custom corporate gifting may sound over the top or expensive. In truth, when you consider all the mountains you must climb to make sure your gifts hit the mark in 2023, you will quickly find custom gifting saves you time, money and reputational risk. 

custom corporate gift box

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes: What goes in the box?

The great advantage of custom corporate gift boxes is you have complete flexibility over the contents. From keepsakes to tasty vegan office snacks, you can mix and match the contents to delight every recipient. And if you work with the right gifting company, you can include tastefully branded merch that’s so useful and attractive your clients and employees will quickly incorporate them into daily life. That’s how lasting memories and great relationships are made! That’s what will make you a legend when it comes to great ROI!


Custom Corporate Gift Boxes Branded Mug

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes: What goes on the Box?

With custom corporate gift boxes you have complete flexibility about what goes on the box and around the box. Your gifting company will come up with the perfect design that reflects your brand and purpose. There is however, one golden rule: If your company, employees and clients share values around sustainability your #1 priority when it comes to boxing, is to ensure your gifts come in eco-friendly, recycled packaging. Yes, that’s includes the tags and ribbon too. Get this wrong and tiktok will be waiting.


Branded Packaging for Custom Corporate Gift Boxes

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes: Make sure your box tells a story

In 2023, the best custom corporate gift boxes are not only useful, attractive, sustainable and eco-friendly, but they tell a story too. It’s the story behind the contents of every item in your box that truly seals the deal on your ROI. Here’s why…

Imagine the joy in receiving not only a beautifully presented eco-friendly gift box that contains a useful tastefully branded mug, with a delicious tasty office vegan snack and a softly scented candle as well as the story about who made them and why. It’s the context that creates a powerful 3 way connection of shared values between you, the recipient AND the Artisan — not just the content and packaging — that wins hearts and minds and gets you the best ROI.

The story of Miir

Let me share the brief story of Miir, a USA based Artisan company we love to feature in our custom-made gift boxes.

First off, let’s talk about what goes in the box. Miir makes an awesome Camp Cup, which is perfect for coffee or tea. It’s durable and stylish, and it comes with a spill proof lid making it ideal for people on the go, people like me.

But what I love most about my Camp Cup is the story of Miir because Miir doesn’t just make a great camp cups. They donate a portion of revenue from every sale to fund clean water projects and a healthy environment — both topics I am passionate about. So, every time I use my Miir camp cup, I know I have supported the cause and it always puts a smile on my dial.

When you work with right custom gift box company they will ensure the story behind the gift is a perfect match with your brand and your recipient’s values.

custom corporate gift box

Custom Corporate Gift Box Companies: How to choose the right one?

There are 5 important considerations in choosing the right custom corporate gift box supplier for your project(s):

  1. Their brand values need to align with yours. For example, if your company values sustainability and actively supports Artisans and local businesses your gifting company should too — in everything they do!
  2. Your custom gift box supplier should have access to high quality products that are useful, attractive, eco-friendly, and unique, and when it comes to food items, vegan friendly too!
  3. If you want your gifts to win hearts and minds, consider working with a gifting company that supports Artisan, local businesses, Black and Women Owned Businesses and LGBTQ
  4. Your custom gift box company should have the scale to meet the quantity you need in the time frame you need it
  5. Some gifting companies offer DIY tech platforms while others, like us, offer a ‘white glove’ gifting concierge service that takes care of everything, saving you stress. You need to decide which model works best for your gifting project

Why Choose Bestowe for your Custom Corporate Gifting Needs?

We will be a perfect match for your company if you value the following:

  1. We pride ourselves on supplying carefully selected, luxury artisan gifts that not only tick all the boxes but tell a story that connects your brand values to the values of the Artisan and your clients and employees
  2. Our packaging is not only eco-friendly but also a delight to the eye. Our design team can take care of all of your design needs
  3. Whether you need 40 or 4000 custom gifts, we have the scale to meet your needs with delivery and shipping included
  4. We offer a ‘white glove’ gifting concierge service that takes care of every detail, so your can rest easy knowing your project is in expert hands
  5. We give you the flexibility to include company merch in your boxes
  6. All we need is your artwork and you’re good to go

We hope you found this article on the trend toward custom corporate gifting useful and informative. It really is a mine field at there! The stakes in corporate gifting are definitely much higher in 2023 and we’d love to help you make your custom corporate gifting project a great success.


For more information about how Bestowe can help you with custom corporate gifting, look HERE.

If you're ready to go, Book a call now to talk to your personal gifting concierge today! Let us help you create great relationships through affordable luxury gifting!

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