Corporate Custom Gifts to Motivate Your Employees

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Team gifts should be thought of as an investment in the future of your company rather than an extra expense. That’s because team gifts can make your team members feel appreciated and valued, which in turn boosts morale. A thoughtful team gift presented at the right time can even reduce symptoms of burnout and minimize employee turnover. Overall, a happier and more appreciated team will be a more solid and productive team. 

We’ve been curating gifts for employees for many years and have plenty of classic and creative team gift ideas to share… let’s get into it! 

Team Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

Everyone on your team needs some downtime to refuel and stay motivated during the workday. Our Tea Times & Coffee Breaks gift set is full of sweet gifts (and sweet treats) to show appreciation for your team members and encourage them to take some well-deserved breaks. The small potted succulent is super low-maintenance but will add a pop of life and greenery to their desk. And your team members will love the herbal tea from Nemi– it’s organic, fair trade and Rainforest-Alliance certified, plus the packaging is plastic-free and biodegradable. 

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Do your team members seem stuck in a creative rut? A gift like our Creative Brainstorm set is a good way to motivate them and get their creative juices flowing again. The blank sketchbook and colored pencils are perfect for doodling, notetaking, or working through new ideas. Top it off with a few yummy snacks and they’ll be more energized and excited for the next brainstorming session. Inspired team members are better team members, so a gift like this one is well worth the investment! 

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Luxury Gifts for Team Members

Promoting self-care and wellness in the workplace is an effective way to show appreciation for your team members and help combat feelings of stress or burnout at the same time. Our Work Wellness gift is all about promoting self-care, so it’ll help give your team members a little boost. The insulated Miir mug is a practical gift that will keep their tea or coffee warm throughout the day and prevent annoying spills at their desk. Superfood lattes like these are super delicious and healthy to help keep them energized and performing their best throughout the workday. Both the mug and lattes are travel-friendly too, which is great for business trips or just transporting to and from the office. 

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Sustainable Team Gifts to Go Green

More and more people are starting to pay attention to and value environmental sustainability, and your team members are no different! So when brainstorming team gifts, it’s important to consider the impact both the gifts themselves and the packaging have on the environment.

One way to make your team gifts more sustainable is to source the items you include from small businesses and artisans (ideally in your local community), rather than large corporations like Amazon. All of our gift sets at Bestowe are carefully curated from socially and environmentally conscious vendors that value sustainability as much as we do. Our Support Local gift set is a celebration of our local partners here in the Bay Area. This gift box is full of sustainably-minded gifts like handcrafted, organic soap, natural skin care products, and treats from farmer-owned co-ops practicing sustainable agriculture. 

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Executive Gifts for Leadership Team Members

The gift of an office upgrade is a great way to show appreciation for a hardworking leadership team. It will help them look forward to the work day and might even result in a boost in productivity– a clear win-win for them and the business as a whole. These stylish, gold-dipped pencils in a leather pouch are easy to transport for those team members who are always on the go. And no leader can have too many classic notebooks! Leather coasters like these are another practical item that will add a bit of class and style to any office. 

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For teams that travel frequently, we like the idea of giving a travel-themed gift. Ours includes a travel kit, also known as a Dopp kit or toiletry bag, with beeswaxed canvas on the outside and a lined plastic coating on the inside. This makes it waterproof and easy to keep clean– the perfect way to transport toiletries, access them quickly, and keep your suitcase organized. A nice toiletry bag like this can then be filled up with other travel essentials, like a travel-sized body wash or cozy pair of socks for the plane.

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Team Building Gifts

If your goal is to facilitate team bonding or team building with your team gift, consider giving the gift of an experience. Treat your team members to a fun outing, activity, or class that they can enjoy together. This could be something semi-work-related like an Enneagram workshop or completely unrelated like a cooking class— the point is to get out of the office, try something new, and spend some quality time together. 

Another gift that can encourage team bonding is some comfy company apparel. Consider sending out a survey to see what kind of apparel your team members actually want and need, and be sure to keep the branding subtle and stylish. Repping your brand together can help boost team spirit and morale— everyone at the office will feel like part of the family! 

Team Gifts for Work and the Home Office!

Whether you’re shopping for a team of five or five hundred, our corporate gifting service will help you put together a gift to excite and delight each of your team members. You can choose from our many pre-curated, ready-to-ship gifts or work one-on-one with a personal gifting concierge to customize something totally unique! We’ll make sure that whatever gift you give your team members is thoughtful, on-brand, and sustainably sourced and packaged. 

Schedule a free consultation today and we’ll have your team members feeling more appreciated, reinvigorated, and united in no time!

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