Why You Should Start Buying Christmas Gifts For Clients And Employees Now!

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It's never too early to think about gift giving. If you’re a business owner or managing a team, now is the time to start buying gift boxes for your client and employees.

While it may seem early, it’s critical to get the process started as quickly as you can for many reasons. Chief among them is the current state of our supply chain.

COVID-19 has affected the supply chains in every industry. The gift-giving space is no different. From clogged cardboard supply chains to ship the gifts within (who knew that was a thing), custom design time, to to backlogged products from vendors having to wait for their own supplies coming from overseas, starting early is the only way to ensure that you have wonderful gifts to send to your deserving clients and employees. Also, we can’t forget about all of the environmental natural disasters holding up shipping throughout the world and our country too, especially during the holidays.

There are a few things that you can do as a manager or admin to get ahead of the craze and treat your clients and employees to considerate gifts despite the global shortage of materials and supplies!

Plan Your Budget First

The first place you should start is knowing exactly what you can spend on client and employee gifts. If you set your budget ahead of time by writing it down, you can properly calculate how to spend your dedicated gift money. 

This is also valuable information for the gift company you are working with to know upfront so they can make gift suggestions that are both unique and also budget-friendly.

Don’t forget to include shipping costs as well! We always tell people to plan for at least $15-20 per package of a 12x10x4 box and even more if you want it to get there in a reasonable amount of time. Being in California, our gifts ship to the West Coast pretty quick, but if we are shipping to the East Coast then you need to plan for at least 5 days.

Be Willing to Think Outside the Box

Due to existing supply chain issues, you may not be able to get your clients or employees the exact gift you had in mind, however that doesn’t mean you can’t get an equally meaningful and unique gift for them. Again, this is where a gift company can be an invaluable resource to help you navigate the craziness of holiday shopping.

Want to learn more about our corporate gifting services?

Another benefit of starting the process now and being adaptable with your gift options is that it gives you time to come up with a Plan B if your first gift options are unavailable. 

PSA: Be prepared for unforeseen issues with shipping or items being out of stock if you wait too long to purchase gifts for multiple people.

Be Thoughtful

Shopping for gifts last minute can lead to you making half-hearted purchases and eliminates the chances of finding unique gifts for your clients and employees. Take the time to shop for your team’s gifts in advance so that you can give each individual something that shows appreciation for their work or loyalty to your company. 

For example, one of your clients could be a wine collector, so give yourself time to research a premium wine that you’d think they’d like to add to their collection. Maybe another team member enjoys coffee, so you can take time to find a unique gift basket filled with a variety of coffee products and a mug. Your team members will appreciate the thought that you put into it, and more than anything will feel appreciated at their job.

And don’t forget about your clients! They are more than likely used to getting standard, generic gifts from others they work with. Make your company stand out with a unique gift! Consider one of our curated gift boxes full of artisan-made products. We have options for every one of your clients. From the food lover, to the coffee connoisseur, or the wanna-be mixologist - we have something for everyone.

Maybe you’d like to do custom gift boxes to remind your clients of your brand? We can do that too! We can create packages that truly represent your brand with our customized tags, boxes, belly bands, stationery, and stickers. By reaching out to us, you get 

  1. A free proposal of unique gifts that match your desired gift package
  2. Custom design and branded packaging and products.
  3. Your very own gifting concierge that will help you through the process from start to finish.
  4. The relief of not having to manage all the inventory, fulfillment and shipping yourself.
Want to learn more about our corporate gifting services?
Whatever route you choose to go, remember:
  • Start early
  • Be strategic about your budget
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to a gifting partner for help
  • Think with meaning in mind over the simple monetary value

If you need additional help with looking for the perfect gesture for your hardworking team, or loyal clients, Bestowe is here to make your gifts a reality with genuine thoughtfulness that brings deep joy and appreciation in a time where both are needed most. Contact us today for custom and ready-to-ship corporate gifting.

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