Top 10 Gifts from West Coast Craft Under $40

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Tis the season for craft fairs! Every time I turn a corner there is another one. Craft fairs are the perfect shopping experience: food, coffee, beer, and makers from all over, giving us their best. West Coast Craft has become the epitome of the maker world here in the Bay Area. They have an extensive array of artists and wares to choose from.

I just spent a few hours at the show, taking place at Fort Mason In San Francisco Saturday and today. Don't worry! If you can't make it, I'll give you a nice list below of the 10 items I found that would be great gifts this holiday season (plus one bonus). All under $40. Obviously there were so many beautiful things to see and buy (This list doesn't really contain any baby gear, there definitely needs to be a separate list in this category! Maybe next Spring at the next show). list in no particular order

1. Jenna Bee Pouch: Love love love this fabric, and who couldn't use a nice bag for the gym, one for travel, one for work, or even one for that new mom's baby gear.

Top 10 Gifts From West Coast Craft Under $40

2. MoKun Baskets: I've always been fascinated by super tiny things. That, and detail. So much time must go into each of these baskets that I can't help but be impressed by the patience and love that Moria must have for making them. They would pretty much go anywhere, including that holiday stocking!

Top 10 Gifts From West Coast Craft Under $40

 3. I love Stonedware Small Pipes, but they fall out of the $40 price range. You may not secretly know that the lovely ceramicist Amy Hamley has some as well for a less expensive price. Check out her dishes too!

Top 10 Gifts From West Coast Craft Under $40

4. A Case for Making: Small Paint Supplies: For the artist in all of us, or the budding young artist, their products are super cool, portable and perfect for any age.

A case for making painting supplies gifting

Top 10 Gifts From West Coast Craft Under $40

5. Earrings from Natalie JoyRight at the $40 mark, these brass earrings are a perfect mash up of fun and elegant. Her table was backed up so I could barely squeeze in, so here is an image from her site.

Natalie Joy Jewelry


6. Luvhaus Ceramics Been a fan for a long time of this ceramicist. The larger mugs are shaped with a tiny lip that allows you to hold the mug up high without your hand getting hot. But, more to the $40 pricepoint, go for the Moon Low Bowl or the Pillow Lavendar T mug, both extremely unique and timeless.

Luvhaus Ceramics

7. Hemleva sconces and hangers: Sam at Hemleva has been creating these beautiful adornments for air plants, tables, ornaments and decor called Himmeli. I need these hanging all over my dining room ceiling this Christmas.

Hemleva ornaments

8. Laura Wagner Wooden spoons: Ok. Laura has a lot of great stuff here, but these spoons are exquisite. You'll probably need to buy more than one.

Wooden Spoons

9. Post Studio Coasters and Placemats: Their patterns are simple and fun. And I love the touch of the accent thread on the edges. Great little gifts for anyone this holiday.

Post Studio Coasters

10. Fruit Super wooden soldiers, elves and snowmen: Not too much in the way of holiday focused product this year. This little gem was hidden back in the booth. I couldn't resist buying these snowmen for my son and nieces to have fun decorating on Christmas morning. They'll last for years. What a clever idea.

Fruit Super toy soldiers

11. WKNDLA ornament: Looking for a last minute gift for that Christmas tree! I've been following WKNDLA for a long time. These tiny ornaments are mini versions of Cindy's wall hangings, which I adore. But, at the $28 price point, this is a steel. Once it's done hanging on the tree, hang it on your wall and you've got year round decor from a great artist.

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