What is a Dopp Kit?

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Whats A Dopp Kit Anyway

Meet the most useful and practical gift for anyone, Bestowe's Freshen Up. With waxed canvas on the outside (that’s the practical side so it’s protected) and the Bestowe’s brand blue on the inside (that’s the cool factor), this stylish gift gives them something they won’t mind on their bathroom counter or taking with them on any holiday.

What is a Dopp Kit?

Whats A Dopp Kit Anyway

So, what is a dopp kit? A Dopp kit is a registered named for a toiletry bag. The first one was produced by Charles Doppelt, a leather goods designer who immigrated to the U.S. from Germany in the early 1900s. 

The dopp kit, by Old Soul Bags, is a one-woman shop out of Oregon, whose sole desire is to make quality canvas and leather goods. That, and being with her family. I was scouring Etsy when I came across her and immediately knew this was it. After speaking with her, it was a done deal. Her enthusiasm about her product was what sold me completely. Beeswaxed canvas on the outside and a lined plastic coating on the inside makes this bag waterproof and ready for any conditions.

Men's Dopp Kit

Whats A Dopp Kit Anyway

No Dopp kit is complete without soap to make your skin glow. I just couldn’t pass up working with Juniper Ridge, based right here in my hometown of Oakland, CA. Unlike synthetic fragrances, these wilderness perfumes are extracted from real, native-plant sources right here in the wild of Northern California. I love their philosophy and way of producing their product by using natural resources.

Whats A Dopp Kit Anyway


Last but not least, something to spruce up your daily walkabout, a pair of socks from another Bay Area find Benny Gold. Up there, is Benny, the founder, hard at to work. Classy or playful, these socks take you out of the dull-drum of the basic gold toe blue. Step it up with two different classic patterns with a little bit of flare.

Dopp Kits from Bestowe Gifting

There you have it: three great small-batch artisans in one great box. Now you know exactly what to get someone who has everything!


Photography: Feather Weight

Artistans: Bestowe Artisans

Shop: Bestowe

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