Top 5 Artisan Gift Box Ideas for Client Holiday Gifting 2023

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Elevate Your Client Relationships with Artisan Gift Box Ideas for your Client Holiday Gifting this Year

As the holiday season approaches in 2023, the time is ripe to show your appreciation to your esteemed clients through heartfelt gestures that mirror the strength of your business relationships. Client Gifting has a long tradition in business, and for good reason.  Custom client gift boxes and personalized client gifting done right can move the needle to increase your business tenfold. Understanding the significance of client holiday gifting can revolutionize your client relationships and your business. We'd like to show you our top 5 custom artisan client gift boxes to date. These carefully curated client gift boxes embody thoughtfulness, creativity, and a touch of luxury, ensuring your clients feel valued and cherished.

Wellness-client holiday gift box ideas

Altair Wellness Orientation Gift Box

Client well-being is of paramount importance, and our Wellness Orientation gift box is designed to embrace this concept. Show your clients that their health and happiness matter to you with a collection of soothing and refreshing items. From premium herbal teas to calming aromatherapy candles, this gift box radiates a sense of tranquility and self-care. By choosing this client holiday gift idea, you send a message that their wellness matters as much as their business endeavors.

client gift boxes branded client gift boxes

Salesforce Trailblazer Client Gift Box for Her

Recognize the influential women in your clients' lives with our meticulously curated Gift Box for Her. This client gift box, or bag, that we put together for Salesforces women in business conference during their Trailblazer event, encapsulates elegance and appreciation, containing a selection of luxurious skincare products, branded products, an Ambitous sweatshirt, and a personalized set of stationary. It's a celebration of femininity and empowerment, making it an ideal choice for clients who appreciate the finer things in life.

salesforce gift artisan client gift box for women

Cocktail Inspired Luxury Client Gift Box for Him

For the distinguished gentlemen among your clients, our Gift Box for Him offers an assortment of sophisticated essentials that complement their refined tastes. From fine cocktail ingredients to premium leather accessories, this exudes confidence and distinction. It's a testament to your understanding of their preferences and an embodiment of your respect for their unique qualities.

bestowe cocktail client gift box ideas for men

Pete Moffat Holiday Snack Gift Box

Sweeten your client relationships with our Chocolate Gift Box, a delightful indulgence that is sure to please even the most discerning palates. Immerse your clients in a world of artisanal chocolates crafted with precision and passion. Whether your clients have a penchant for rich dark chocolate or prefer the smoothness of milk chocolate, this gift box is a universal symbol of delight and enjoyment.

Artisan Gift Box Ideas

Google's Holiday Travel Gift Box

For clients with a sense of wanderlust, we put this gift set together for Google. Complete with a Cotopaxi backpack, that was branded, a Miir mug, mindfulness cards and some snacks on the go. It is the perfect embodiment of adventure and exploration. Packed with travel essentials, this client gift box encourages your clients to embrace new horizons and embark on exciting journeys. It's a token of your support for their endeavors, both within and beyond the business realm.

Bestowe client holiday gifting travel gift

Thoughtful Artisan Gift Box Ideas for your Client Gift Boxes goes a long way

In the realm of client holiday gifting, a thoughtful gesture can speak volumes about your appreciation for the relationships you've cultivated. Our top 5 artisan gift box ideas, encapsulate the essence of gratitude and respect. Let Bestowe Gifting take care of the details while you make a lasting impression that resonates well into the future. Choose from our Wellness Orientation, Gift Box for Her, Gift Box for Him, Decadent Snack Gift Box, and Travel Gift Box, and elevate your client relationships with gifts that reflect the uniqueness of your partnerships. This holiday season, let your clients know that they are not just clients; they are valued friends of your business.

Why Bestowe Services Stand Apart for Custom Client Gifts This Holiday Season

Bestowe is your answer to exceptional branded gift boxes:

  • Artisan Excellence: Deliver high-quality artisan gift boxes that embody thoughtfulness and care.
  • Flexible Branding: Choose from a range of branding options and even incorporate your own company merchandise.
  • Expert Handling: Trust in Bestowe's expertise with a proven track record, including partnerships with Salesforce and Netflix.
  • Eco-Friendly: All packaging is eco-conscious, reflecting your commitment to sustainability.
  • Making a Difference: Every gift box sold plants a tree, showcasing your dedication to positive impact.
  • Personalized Service: Benefit from a 'white glove' personal account management service, led by experts like Catherine W.

Emily's pursuit of excellence found its reflection in the real-world experiences of others like this case study from Bell Investors. As you delve into the case study, you'll witness how Bestowe's branded gift boxes transformed gifting from a task to a heartfelt gesture.

Contact Bestowe today to embark on your own journey of exceptional Corporate Event Gift Boxes. You'll be partnered by someone who understands your values and strives for excellence. Just as Emily found a reliable partner, you too can experience the seamless process of crafting branded gift boxes that resonate, leaving a lasting imprint on your recipients.


For more information about how Bestowe can help you with custom corporate gifting, look HERE.

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