4 Creative Gift Box Ideas to Boost Your Team's Summer Motivation

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Summer is finally here, and it's time to turn up the heat on motivation! As a team leader or business owner, you understand the importance of keeping your team inspired. So why not give them a boost with a special gift to kick off the summer? Corporate gifts don’t have to be bland and drab. For example, check out our newly released custom pickleball gift set! Since pickleball is all the rage right now, we thought we'd find a way to customize it and share it with our clients and boy is it delivering for them. Despite the pickleball gift set we have ALL the things to make this summer great with artisan gift boxes that are thoughtful, practical, and sourced from small businesses-everything your team and employees care about. From backyard barbeques to pickleball tournaments, we’ve got thoughtful corporate gifts to help your team enjoy all of their summer activities that much more. Motivational gifts for sales teams don’t have to be boring or bland. In this article, we’re sharing three of our favorite gifts for team members that will ignite your team's summer motivation. 

The Power of Appreciation

That feeling of appreciation is more powerful than you may think. Consider the last time you were gifted something really thoughtful. It made your day, right? Imagine that reaction when you send out gifts for team members that will take their breath away and show just how thankful you are to have them on your team. Your team works hard year-round, and they deserve a corporate gift box that is as unique as they are! 

Did you know that a study published in the Journal of Labor Economics revealed that employees who received unexpected gifts from their employers were more motivated and productive? It goes to show that even small gestures of appreciation can have a significant impact on employee engagement and motivation. By gifting your team a carefully curated artisan gift box, you’ll inspire them to crush their summer goals!

4 Perfect Summer Corporate Gift Boxes 

Creative gift boxes are great for any time of year to celebrate your team and their accomplishments, but these are a few of our favorites to capture the fun of the warmer months for your team to enjoy all summer long: 

1. For the Wellness Enthusiast

Creative Gift Box Ideas

The Work Wellness gift box from Bestowe Gifting is all about promoting wellness in the workplace. It includes items that will help your team members relax, recharge, and find balance amidst their busy summer schedules. From soothing candles and essential oils to wellness journals and healthy snacks, this gift box is designed to create a peaceful and harmonious work environment. By encouraging self-care and well-being, you'll support your team in achieving their summer goals with a clear and focused mind. This box proudly supports Black-owned businesses and BIPOC-owned artisan businesses, as well as women-owned businesses.

Do you want this gift package branded with a special custom box and personalized note card? Reach out here. Must order 25 or more.

2. For the Creative Mind

Gifts for team members

Summer is the perfect time to unleash your team's creativity and encourage fresh ideas. The Creative Brainstorm Box is filled with items that will spark inspiration and innovation. From colorful notebooks and pens to motivational books and brainstorming games, this gift box will ignite your team's imagination and fuel their creativity. It's a fantastic choice for teams that thrive on innovation and collaboration, providing them with the tools they need to generate brilliant ideas and achieve remarkable results all summer long. 

Do you want this gift package branded with a special custom box and personalized note card? Reach out here. Must order 25 or more.

3. For the Foodie

Motivational gifts for sales teams

Who doesn't love good food? The Food Lover Box is a delectable treat for your team's taste buds. Packed with gourmet snacks, artisanal treats, and delightful culinary surprises, this gift box will satisfy even the most discerning food enthusiasts and makes an excellent addition to a summer dinner party. From savory delights to sweet indulgences, your recipient will be treated to a culinary experience that will make their summer even more enjoyable. The Food Lover Box is a scrumptious way to show your team that you appreciate their hard work. 

Do you want this gift package branded with a special custom box and personalized note card? Reach out here. Must order 25 or more.

4.  For the Pickleball Fanatic


The trendiest sport of the season just happens to also be the perfect warm-weather gifting opportunity! We’re proud to partner with a new vendor for custom corporate gift boxes, Recess, that specializes in custom pickleball gear for your team or event. They’ll customize your pickleball paddles with designs that match your brand and we’ll package it up in a custom branded gift box package with some goodies included to ignite your summer fun like ice cream and drink mixes and sunblock! If they’re going to be playing anyway, gifting your team with custom-branded pickleball paddles is the perfect way to kick off their summer in style. If they aren’t, then they should because pickleball is the way of the future!

Give us a shout-out to get the most unique and fun gift of the season. Contact us HERE to get started. Delivery time is 4 weeks out from payment and approval of designs, so don’t wait!

Engage Your Team with Summer Gift Boxes

With any of our creative gift box ideas, you can rest assured that you are gifting your team with high-quality artisan gifts that will be remembered for years to come. No more branded junk – These are artisan gift boxes sourced from minority-owned and sustainably packaged companies around the globe. These are truly gifts that you can feel great about gifting! Better still? Gift team members a set of their own custom Pickleball paddles and challenge your teams to a summer tournament! (We’re rooting for you!)

With any of our artisan gift boxes, you’ll receive a curated collection of high-quality products that are sure to give your team the inspiration and encouragement that they need to have an amazing summer and crush their goals. From sales teams to c-suite, everyone loves a great gift box, and Bestowe Gifting is your resource gifting that aligns with your company’s values AND budget. 

custom pickleball corporate gifts

Partner with Bestowe Gifting This Summer

Get started with your ultimate summer corporate gifting and browse our entire selection of ready-made gift boxes. 

Don’t see anything that fits your personal and brand style? Let’s talk! We can work with you to develop a completely custom corporate gift box.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a step towards boosting your team's summer motivation and order your corporate gift boxes today! Together, let's make this summer a season of success and achievement for your team.


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