Why Bestowe Gifting is One of the Best Corporate Gifting Companies

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Elevate Your Corporate Gifting Game with Bestowe's Unique Artisan Gift Boxes

Corporate gifting has become an indispensable tool for businesses, with over 80% of companies leveraging it to strengthen their bonds with clients and employees. In a fast-paced world that demands more of us every day, finding the right corporate gifting company can feel daunting. Many corporate gifting companies claim to provide gifting services, but they often end up being more of a hassle than a help. Sometimes with only one person handling the sourcing and fulfillment within a large company, the chore can get very daunting to find quality custom gift box companies that deliver! With lengthy lists, confusing user interfaces, and hidden fees that spiral out of control, it's no wonder businesses struggle to find a reliable partner.

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At Bestowe Gifting, we understand these challenges, and that's why we have revolutionized the gifting experience. Our goal is to provide an exceptional and seamless service for every level of client, ensuring that corporate gifting becomes a joy rather than a burden. But don't just take our word for it; let's hear what one of our esteemed clients had to say about their experience with Bestowe Gifting:

"Bestowe Gifting leads the way for white-glove elevated custom gift box companies out there. We have never felt so taken care of. The quality of care that the design team gave to our gift's design and the selection of products that went inside were hand-picked to match our brand ideals perfectly, supporting ethical businesses with diverse artisan backgrounds." - Edmund // Salesforce


At Bestowe, we take immense pride in our core pillars:

Bestowe Gifting's Personalized Approach

Our commitment to personalized service sets us apart from other corporate gifting companies. We take the time to understand your unique requirements, whether it's for clients or employees, and curate bespoke gift boxes that match your vision perfectly. Your recipients will feel valued and cherished, strengthening the relationships you've worked hard to build.

Take this case study from a client that came to us looking for quality artisan gifts in the Bay Area for their 30th Anniversary: Bell Investors, a company deeply rooted in Oakland, California, sought to celebrate their 30th Anniversary with special gifts sent out to all their clients. So, we embarked on a mission to find and support small-batch artisans from the Bay Area. The final gift combined a thoughtfully sustainably harvested redwood cutting board from a local company, a bar of local chocolate that we commissioned artwork for with a wrapper designed by local art studios at legendary Creative Growth (an enrichment center for mentally challenged artists), and a useful cheese knife to pair with the board. By paying homage to the region's rich creativity and craftsmanship, we were able to deliver on our clients' expectations and cultural relevancy with elevated custom-branded corporate gift boxes. The box was adorned with the brands' colors and customized ribbon to bring an elegant flair to their recipients' doors.

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Unique Artisan Gift Boxes with Purpose

Our gift boxes go beyond traditional offerings. We carefully select artisanal products that resonate with your recipients, align with your brand identity, and support ethically manufactured products and businesses. Each gift becomes a reflection of your thoughtfulness, making Bestowe Gifting a standout among custom gift box companies. Not only are our the products amazing, but our artisans celebrate a diversity of women-owned businesses, LGBTQ and BIPOC-owned businesses. Bestowe represents on of those woman-owned businesses. The products we choose from our boxes might range from locally sourced products for our clients (like gifts we sourced for our Northern California gift box), custom branded corporate gifting that is ethically sourced (like the products from our Rumpl and Sakcloth and Ashes partners), or delicious food items that are great for snack boxes. Each box comes with a custom card explaining the artisans who are showcased within, creating even more meaning and purpose behind the story of the gifts within.


Ethical and Sustainable Gifting

Embrace sustainable gifting practices with Bestowe. By supporting small-batch artisans and their diverse backgrounds, you are not only offering exceptional gifts but also contributing to a more conscious and compassionate world. Your gifts will carry the message of ethical values and responsible choices that you want to share. Not only do we have biodegradable materials and re-useable packaging, we also work with our vendors to find new ways to package shipments that make sense environmentally. And, for every gift you purchase, we plant one tree in the ground to offset our carbon footprint with One Tree Planted. Now, this is something you and your business would be proud to support and a story you can share with your clients and employees to reinforce your own environmental sentiments.


Exceptional Custom Branded Design Everytime

At Bestowe Gifting, we take pride in our exceptional design expertise, offering custom-built gift boxes and fitted inserts that give your company's brand a competitive edge with that elevated design touch. Our full-service design team is committed to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that every aspect of your custom branded gift boxes reflects your brand guidelines and values. With our expertise, you can elevate your corporate gifting game and leave a lasting impression on your recipients. As a testament to our capabilities, we've had the privilege of designing custom-branded gift boxes for esteemed clients like Netflix for their exclusive launch parties. We understand the power of thoughtful design in making a statement, and that's why we offer free design services to personalize your gifts and showcase your brand's uniqueness in the most memorable way possible. Trust Bestowe Gifting to deliver not just exceptional gifts but also a one-of-a-kind branding experience that sets your company apart.

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Elevate Your Gifting with the Best of Corporate Gifting Companies

In a sea of corporate gifting options, Bestowe Gifting emerges as the one-stop solution that simplifies and enhances your gifting experience and one of the best corporate gifting companies out there. With personalized service, unique artisan gift boxes, and ethical practices, we create a memorable and meaningful gifting journey. Build stronger relationships with your clients and employees through thoughtful and extraordinary gifts. Experience the Bestowe difference today.

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