Corporate Branded Gift Boxes: The Lasting Impact of Luxury

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corporate branded gift boxes artisan gifts

The Lasting Impact of Luxury Corporate Branded Gift Boxes

Whether for first-time clients, trusted vendors, or valued employees, corporate gifting plays a vital role in the business world to represent trust, appreciation, and gratitude. Yet, only 21% of corporate gifts are actually kept by their recipients. The other 79% is doomed to be tossed in the trash, recycled, or worse - regifted. 

For the individual receiving the gift that they will ultimately dispose of, one way or another, the saddest part is that the intended message is ultimately lost. However much trust, appreciation, or gratitude felt by the sender is then completely missed when the gift itself isn’t quite up to scratch or feels as though it was sent out of pure obligation. 

We’ve all been there - plastic branded sunglasses, a lanyard, a pair of branded socks - whatever it may be, the potential ease of “cost-effective” corporate swag simply isn’t worth the potential to undermine the entire message behind sending your recipients something in the first place. Whether you're looking for the best corporate gifts for clients or gifts for employees, everyone deserves to receive a corporate branded gift box that leaves a lasting impression, without needing to include branding on each individual product. Leave the impersonal “swag” gifts for your competitors – Your company is capable of making a significant impact with ease when you select a corporate gifting partner that is as passionate about meaningful corporate gift boxes as you are about sending gifts that matter.

corporate branded gift boxes artisan gifts

Creating Lasting Memories with Luxury Corporate Branded Gifts

Whatever you hope to communicate to your recipient, don’t risk the tragedy of your heart behind the gift getting lost. Ask yourself, what do you want the person to feel? What is the end objective when you send a gift? If the ultimate goal is to share meaningful gifts with those that have made your professional life better along the way, then curated corporate gifting is an excellent way to share your gratitude in a way that will make a lasting impression.

With artisan products carefully selected to align with the tastes and preferences of just about any kind of person, gone are the days of inexpensive branded “swag” that will end up in a landfill. Thoughtfully chosen corporate gifting creates an opportunity for real connection and unique products that will leave your recipient feeling seen, appreciated, and valued. Can your company key chain do that?

And don’t worry, the best part is that they will appreciate that you didn’t brand the product inside. Instead a subtle branding message on the personalized note card and the gift box itself will give them a tasteful representation of your business and give them products that will easily integrate into their lives. And PS, just because they don’t see your logo on their tumbler or mug every morning when they take a sip of coffee, doesn’t mean they won’t remember who gave them the wonderful looking, thoughtful artisan-made gift.

The Power of Human Connection in Corporate Branded Gift Boxes

Even in the workplace, perhaps especially in the workplace, people love to feel like they are known and understood. Maybe it’s the spark of a shared passion. Maybe a mutual interest or hobby. Whatever it is, that human connection is what makes even our professional relationships feel rich and meaningful. And if the goal is to connect on a real level with your clients, your employees, or your vendors, shouldn’t your corporate gifts for employees or clients be just as intentional as you are?

The challenge, however, is creating a thoughtful gifting experience for an ever-growing list of valuable contacts and connections. How can you put the thought into each and every gift without breaking the bank or losing your sanity? After all, as a busy professional who went out and made all of those connections, it’s not likely that you have ample extra time to spend online shopping for employee appreciation gifts.

When you choose to make the move to elevated corporate gifting, you take the pressure off of yourself, while still investing in your professional relationships to the level of care and authenticity that they deserve.

The Importance of Aligning Your Values: Choosing Corporate Branded Gifts that Represent Your Company's Mission

When selecting a high-end corporate gift or a premium gift provider these days, it's non-negotiable to work with brands that align with your values and convey the message that you want to send to your recipients. In a world that is increasingly aware, it’s no longer acceptable to say one thing and do another. Whether this means prioritizing sustainable packaging, fair-trade artisan goods, or inclusive business practices (or all of the above!), your choice of corporate gifting is an extension of yourself and your company. It’s also yet another way that you’re able to show your intended giftee that the causes that matter to them are important to you as well. Show them you care by supporting the missions that they are passionate about, and you’ll create a more authentic connection based on the causes that matter most.

corporate branded gift boxes artisan gifts

The Mission of Nopalera

For example, one brand that we are proud to work with and include in our “LESS STRESS. BETTER HEALTH.” curated gift box is Nopalera. Nopalera is a BIPOC-owned, small-batch cactus soap company dedicated to the elevation and celebration of Latin culture. Each and every product is directly inspired by the richness and beauty of Mexico. Founder Sandra Jeff fondly recalls, “growing up, nopales were everywhere. We’d frequently cut them from our own yard and cook them. Later, I began using nopales in my artisan bath and body products, and Nopalera was born." With a passionate commitment to create high-end products with clean ingredients, Nopalera celebrates natural beauty and resilience wherever it can be found.

If your company is passionate about elevating the BIPOC community as well as supporting small businesses, featuring products like Nopalera soaps in your corporate gifting practices are a great way to tangibly align your values from your organization’s mission statement all the way to the actual gifts that your most valued clients receive as a “thank you.” Choose a curated gift box that not only speaks to your recipients tastes, but that shows how much you are committed to the causes you support company-wide.

When you partner with a company like Bestowe Gifting, we’ll do the research for you. No need to hunt down unique and giftable luxury feeling products from small companies with your same values. We’ll find the companies, source the products, and package them beautifully with your company’s branding. With us, your corporate branded gifting is not only thoughtful, but curated sustainable practices and care for the people around us. Reach out to us for a free proposal!

Making Your Corporate Branded Gift Boxes Uniquely “You”

Every brand has a personality that is unique to its company, and it’s only right that you should have the freedom and the means to express it. Whether through colors, designs, or Showcasing your brand’s flair in your gift packaging evokes a feeling of personalization that makes the recipient feel doted on that you would go above and beyond to create a gift that was as much an experience as a token of appreciation. And when you couple the customization with the thoughtfulness of a gift that is tailored to your brand values and that of your recipient, your corporate branded gift box is sure to leave a lasting impression.

corporate branded gift boxes artisan gifts

Corporate Branded Gift Boxes They’ll Love To Remember

In the modern world of two-day shipping and instant gratification, one of the most impactful things that your business can do is to slow down and help your gift recipients to do the same. Let’s take a moment to appreciate one another with meaningful corporate gift boxes rather than mindlessly “adding to cart” to check off a to-do list item. By sending thoughtful artisan gift items that support the values and passions of your company and your clients, you can relate to your employees with a heartfelt “thank you” or show a valued vendor how much you appreciate their loyalty. With a branded gift box that makes a real connection, you’re sure to give the corporate gift they’ll love to remember.

When you partner with Bestowe Gifting, your role is simply to decide which pre-curated corporate gift box suits your employees, clients, or colleagues, and we’ll take it from there. Choose the unique luxury gift box package that you’d like and then reach out to choose your custom branding elements. We’ll bring everything together seamlessly into an ethically-sourced, sustainably-packaged, and elevated gifting experience that allows the artisan gifts inside to shine. 

Your corporate gift boxes can be so much more than an obligatory checklist item. When you give carefully curated corporate gift boxes, you are able to gift items that not only escape the landfill, but that connect with your clients, employees, and colleagues on a genuine level and help to support causes that make the world around you a better place.

Unlock Corporate Gifting Success: Choosing the Right Partner Matters

Have you decided that your corporate gift boxes could use an upgrade? Bestowe Gifting curates luxury corporate branded gift boxes that are ready to impress your employees and customers alike with varying levels of customization, and a price point for every budget. Choose from gift boxes featuring food items, relaxation goods, and more, all from small-batch artisan creators around the world. Don’t settle for corporate branded gift boxes that miss the mark. Wow your clients and vendors with gifts that leave a lasting impression for years to come!


If you are interested in talking to us about our corporate branded gift box service. Click below.

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