Corporate and Client Appreciation Gifts to Say Thank You

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Top Tips to Give the Best Client Appreciation Gifts

Do you ever wonder what to get your clients to thank them for the work: the people with whom you've spent a lot of time, in some cases getting really close, and who entrust you with lots of money to handle a service for them? Or for your employees for their hard work? There are many different reasons to give someone a thank you gift. For clients and employees, we call them appreciation gifts and built our corporate gifting services just for them!

Bestowe Client Appreciation Gifting

Corporate Gifting for Conferences or Incentive Gifting

Some companies give employees appreciation gifts for their years of service, or for good performance, to board members for hard work and at other times companies will give away a common gift to everyone at a conference; buying hundreds of them, as incentives. Are you the one who needs to think of these gifts, or have some clients you want to thank? It can be overwhelming. So, this is what I tell my clients to remember when thinking of any of these types of gifts: hire us! No, we'll really give you a couple great hints, but if you are still looking for help, give us a call or shoot us an email, we'd be happy to help you figure it out. It's what we do best. But, here's the real message:

If you want to make a positive impression for the way your client or employees think about your brand, then offer them a gift that speaks to who they are and what they value: something that they can use for a lifetime to come. Not only will they appreciate it, but they will speak highly of you to their friends and for years to come.

Two tips to guide you through finding the right thank you gift for your clients and employees.

1. Gone are the days of giving away gifts with branded logos. Listen to me now: people don't want to be a walking billboard of someone else's company: they have enough water bottles, sweatshirts and stress balls to prove it. 

2. Gift something thoughtful. You might know who they are or what they enjoy after spending so much time together. Or, if you are looking for a gift for a corporate party or for client appreciation, you might want to find something that speaks to a valuable part of your company and personalize it. 

Client Gifting

I once had a client who was looking for a gift to speak to how much they value their employee's peace of mind and well-being outside of work, and how that work-life balance would be both good for them as a person and thus rub off at work. The solution: a calming oil that we branded with a Tik Nat Han quote. There was no company logo beside on the customized card that we designed for them.

I had another client, and interior designer, who wanted to thank their clients with something for their new space/home. For this client, we came up with a thoughtful package of bath items, with the softest hand towels. This gave them something they could use now, and something that they would have for a long time to come. She told me some of her clients said their guests would come over, compliment them on the towels, and that would inevitably start a conversation about them.

Corporate Thank You Gifts from Bestowe

You may not hit all of these key points in one gift, but hitting at least one will ensure that you are top of mind every time they look at, use or talk about your gift. And because you’ve contemplated giving something that is THOUGHTFUL (key word here), then you are setting an intention to connect with them on a more personal level….and that goes such a long way to maintaining a solid business connection.


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