Artisan Corporate Gift Boxes: A delicious way to show employee appreciation

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Artisan Corporate Gift Boxes: A delicious way to show employee appreciation

Are you tired of gifting generic, mass-produced products that lack character and soul? Do you want to gift something that not only tastes good but also tells a story of the people and the passion behind it? You’re not the only one feeling tired of gifts without thought or purpose. A recent study by the Incentive Research Foundation found that personalized and unique gifts, such as artisanal food products and handmade crafts, have a greater impact on employee satisfaction and loyalty than generic gifts such as gift cards or cash.

So make 2023 the year you level up your corporate gifting game and include Artisan Gift Boxes in your employee gifting strategy for the holidays.

brightland corporate custom gift box

Why Artisan Gift Boxes Make the Best Corporate Gifts

Every Bestowe artisan gift box is a treasure trove of handcrafted products that are carefully sourced, thoughtfully made, and perfectly curated. Let's ‘unpack’ the contents of one of our best-selling artisan gift boxes, “COMPLIMENT YOUR KITCHEN”, so you feel the soul, purpose and story behind each of the 4 scrumpcious delights inside.


Brightland Olive Oil

The anchor of the “compliment your kitchen” gift box is Brightland Olive Oil. What makes this oil so special? The story behind it. Brightland sources their olives from a family-run farm in California, and every step of the process, from harvesting to blending, is done with utmost care and precision. The result is an oil that is not only delicious but also good for you. It's never seen a lab, and every drop is straight from the earth. Herbaceous, green, grassy, artichoke, complex - those are just a few tasting notes that describe the richness of this oil. And when you taste it, you'll know why it's so special.

Alfajores cookies

Next on the list are seasonal alfajores cookies by Wooden Table Baking. What sets these cookies apart from others? The answer is simple - real ingredients. Wooden Table Baking doesn't use "natural flavorings"; they use actual spices and 64% dark chocolate to make their cookies yummier. Every cookie is a tribute to the rich, diverse flavors of Argentina. The result is a cookie that is not only delicious but also a work of art.

Tule Fog Candles

Moving on to the wonderful seasonal candle by Tule Fog Candle Co. Our featured autumn candle is the epitome of fall - Pumpkin. With the season of warmth, coziness, and good vibes eminating. The scent of homemade pie, cooler weather, and fall leaves will transport you to a world of comfort and joy. Tule Fog Candle Co. is a women-owned business located in Northern California. Named after Northern California fog, Tule Fog (tu:li:) offers a line of individually poured, clean burning, soy wax candles and non-toxic diffusers. They exclusively use soy wax and no phthalates or lead. We hope that our products inspire warmth and coziness inside your homes.

dardimans crisps

Last but not least are Dardiman's Seasonal Fruit Crisps. These crisps are a light and airy snack that can be enjoyed on their own or paired with your favorite drink or dessert. What makes them so special is the process behind them. Dardiman's uses a unique method of air-drying fruits to create a crisp that is both healthy and delicious. And the best part? They source their fruits from local farms, supporting small businesses and the community. (rewrite this para as it's showing 100% Ai generated in stats)

Why include Bestowe Artisan Corporate Gift Boxes in your gifting strategy for the holidays?

The answer is simple - because they aren’t just gift boxes, they are stories waiting to be told. Every product in our gift boxes is made with passion, dedication, and love. And every box is a celebration of the people and the communities behind them. By gifting an Artisan Gift Box, you are not only giving a thoughtful, unique gift but also supporting small businesses and artisans who pour their hearts into their craft. 


3 Reasons to Choose Bestowe Artisan Gift Boxes

    1. Ethically sourced
    2. Plant a tree program
    3. Easy to customize to suit your brand

Our Ethical and Sustainable Promise

To us, sustainability is much more than a “buzzword.” We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint every day and it starts with where we source our goods from. We partner with vendors and artisans whose missions align with that of a sustainable and ethical process. Our vendors are consciously aware of their impact on the earth and are also continuously working to give back. 

At Bestowe Gifting, we take pride in ensuring that our products and packaging are ethically sourced, and we believe it is of utmost importance. We carefully select artisans and small businesses that follow ethical practices, including sourcing materials from reliable and sustainable suppliers. By supporting ethically sourced products, we contribute to fair labor practices, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of communities. Ethical sourcing means that the individuals involved in creating our products are treated with respect and paid fair wages, while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. We understand the significance of conscious consumerism and strive to make a positive impact through our commitment to ethically sourced products and packaging. With Bestowe Gifting, you can feel confident that your corporate gifts are not only beautifully crafted but also contribute to a better world.

You Buy a Gift, We Plant a Tree

At Bestowe, we believe in the power of giving back to our planet. That's why, for every gift purchased, we make a meaningful contribution to environmental conservation through our partnership with One Tree Planted. With their incredible organization, we donate a tree to be planted for each gift, ensuring that we're not just spreading joy to your recipients, but also making a positive impact on the Earth. Together, we're fostering a greener future, one gift at a time. So, when you choose Bestowe, you're not only sharing thoughtful and beautiful gifts but also helping to restore and preserve our precious natural landscapes.

By choosing our artisan luxury corporate gifts, companies demonstrate their dedication to creating a greener future and their concern for the planet. It sends a powerful message to clients and employees that the company values sustainability and actively takes steps to mitigate their ecological footprint. 


Bestowe Artisan Corporate Gift Boxes Are Easy to Customize

Customizing your gifting experience has never been easier than with Bestowe Gifting. Our streamlined process makes it super simple to create personalized and unique gifts for your clients, employees, or business partners. With our wide selection of artisan products and curated gift boxes, you can easily choose the perfect items that reflect your recipient's preferences and your company's brand. Whether it's adding a handwritten note, incorporating your logo, or selecting specific products, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. We understand the importance of customization in making a memorable impression, and we strive to make the process effortless and enjoyable. Trust Bestowe Gifting to bring your custom gifting vision to life with simplicity and style.

How to Get Large Volume Custom Corporate Gifting for the Holidays

Don't miss the opportunity to make a lasting impression this holiday season with customized corporate holiday gifts by using Bestowe Gifting. As a trusted provider of large volume corporate custom gifting, we are here to help you create a truly memorable experience for your clients or employees. With our expertise in curating artisa gift boxes and our dedication to customization, we can deliver a gifting solution that perfectly aligns with your brand and exceeds expectations. Whether you need 500 or 5,000 gifts, our seamless process and attention to detail ensure a stress-free experience from start to finish. The holidays are just around the corner, so act now and partner with Bestowe Gifting to make a significant impact with your corporate gifting. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us bring your vision to life.


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