5 Perks of Artisan Luxury Corporate Gift Boxes

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Artisan Luxury Corporate Gift Lyft Custom CookiesIn today's fast-paced world, supporting small businesses and artisans is a rising trend. Discover why choosing artisan luxury corporate gifts is not only beneficial for your business but also for the community and the economy.

    1. Unique and High-Quality Products: Artisans and small business owners take pride in their work, resulting in one-of-a-kind items made with care and craftsmanship. From handmade jewelry to custom-designed pieces, you can expect the highest quality when selecting artisan luxury corporate gifts.
    2. Supporting Local Economies: By choosing to support small businesses and artisans, you contribute to keeping money within the local community. This helps create jobs, support families, and boost the local economy, making a positive impact right where you live and work.
    3. Ethical and Sustainable Practices: Many artisans and small businesses follow ethical and sustainable practices, such as using locally sourced materials and implementing eco-friendly processes. Supporting these businesses also means supporting their commitment to making the world a better place.
    4. Personal Touch: Artisan gifts are more than just products; they come with a story. Artisans infuse their creations with passion and personal touches, making each gift a meaningful expression of their heart and soul. Giving an artisan gift means giving something truly special.
    5. Strengthen Connections: Show appreciation and foster lasting relationships with artisan luxury corporate gifts. Whether it's a large order or a single gesture of kindness, curated gift boxes cater to every person in your life, effortlessly enhancing employee retention and increasing ROI with clients.

Bestowe's Artisan Luxury Corporate Gifts for 2023

Discover our curated collection of artisan luxury corporate gifts for 2023. With options to customize and add a personal touch, our gift boxes are designed to embody unparalleled detail and thoughtfulness. Whether you need bulk delivery or seek a personal gesture, we've got you covered.


Supporting Diversity in Our Artisan Community

At Bestowe, we strive to embrace diversity in our artisan luxury corporate gifts. We feature products from Women-Owned Businesses, Black-owned Businesses, LGBTQ-owned Businesses, and BIPOC-Owned Businesses. By supporting these artisans, we contribute to a more inclusive and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. You can learn more about our dedication to artisans here.

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How Can Large Companies Support Small Businesses?

Large companies and corporations play a vital role in supporting small businesses. Here are a few ways they can make a difference:

  1. Buy from Small Businesses: Choose to purchase products and services from small businesses, helping to keep money within the local community and supporting entrepreneurs.
  2. Partner on Projects: Collaborate with small businesses on projects and initiatives, such as co-branding or sponsorships. This expands their reach and customer base, benefiting both parties.
  3. Mentorship and Training Programs: Share expertise and resources with small businesses through mentorship and training programs. Help them overcome challenges and foster growth. There are some wonderful coaches and instructors that love to come in to offices for 1-3 hour workshops to help out teams with mindfulness, diversity in the workplace, and even hosting small craft fairs before major holidays for those team members that don't have a lot of time to get out.

By supporting small businesses, large companies can have a meaningful impact on their community, creating a thriving and vibrant economy and a sustainable gifting practice. This is where Bestowe can help.

Corporate Gift Box Service

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How can Companies Make Lasting Impressions with Corporate Gifting

  1. Ready-made Artisan Gift Boxes: Bestowe offers a selection of ready-made artisan gift boxes that are thoughtfully curated and beautifully packaged. These pre-designed gift boxes feature a variety of high-quality artisan products, ensuring a delightful and hassle-free gifting experience. With ready-made options, you can easily find the perfect gift box for any occasion, whether it's for a client, employee, or business partner.
  2. Custom-made Artisan Gift Boxes: For a more personalized touch, Bestowe also provides the option to create custom-made artisan gift boxes. This allows you to handpick specific items from their collection of artisans and products, tailoring the gift box to suit the recipient's preferences and your unique corporate branding. Customization adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness and ensures a truly memorable gift-giving experience.
  3. Branded Artisan Gift Boxes: Bestowe understands the importance of branding in the corporate world. That's why they offer branded artisan gift boxes, allowing you to incorporate your company's logo, colors, and messaging into the gift box design. Branded gift boxes not only showcase your professionalism but also serve as a powerful marketing tool, reinforcing your brand identity and leaving a lasting impression on recipients.
  4. Gifting Hub and Platform: Bestowe goes beyond being just a gifting service by offering a comprehensive Gifting Hub and Platform. This hub serves as a centralized platform where companies can manage their corporate gifting needs efficiently. From bulk deliveries to individual orders, the Gifting Hub streamlines the entire gifting process, making it easy to track, customize, and personalize each gift. Bestowe's hub provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, saving time and effort for corporate gift buyers. Was this easy video on how to best utilize our Gifting Platform.

Why Choose Bestowe's Hub Over other Gifting Platforms

Unlike generic gifting platforms, Bestowe's Gifting Hub is specifically tailored for corporate gifting. It offers a curated selection of artisan products, ready-made and custom-made gift box options, and the ability to brand your gifts easily. We take pride in personal care. So, unlike other platforms out there, you have a dedicated account representative helping you through the process and accessible any time you need them. The platform's focus on quality, personalization, and professionalism ensures that your corporate gifts stand out and make a lasting impact. With Bestowe's Gifting Hub, you'll have a dedicated partner that understands your corporate gifting needs and provides a comprehensive solution for seamless and impressive gift-giving.

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