When Corporate Events Go Virtual: A Guide for Virtual Corporate Gifting

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Does Corporate Gifting have a place in a Virtual Business World?

Now that more and more corporate events are going virtual, you may be wondering how to adapt your corporate gifting strategy. Never fear! This guide will give you everything you need to know about virtual corporate gifting, from planning to execution. You'll be throwing virtual events like a pro in no time!

How Does Corporate Gifting Promote Employee Engagement?

New Employee OnBoarding & Training: Companies are still hiring. The onboarding process has shifted to a virtual one. HR departments are getting creative by creating engaging employee training. Sending a personal welcome gift to your new hire's home office is a great way to send appreciation for adapting to a more challenging way of joining a company. 

Employee Engagement: Use of communication tools like Slack and Skype are being used to boost morale. In addition, virtual team-building activities are trending. Snacknation gives us some pretty awesome remote team-building ideas here. We are thinking, why not add in a little competitiveness and compete for a top prize? 

Conferences: Virtual corporate conferences are not only now attainable but also might become the way of the future. With reduced overhead, there is more in the budget for employee and client gifting! We've got you covered! 

The Benefits of Hosting Virtual Corporate Events

There are real benefits for businesses to host and run virtual events. 

1. The Ultimate Reach: While an audience may not be able to travel to you, you can take your message to your audience nearly anywhere, at any time. And, it stays online indefinitely for future drive to your business.

2. Lower Overhead: According to most studies, it can be nearly 75% less expensive to produce than most typical live events.

3. Profitable Feedback – Hearing from your audience can be instantaneous, and question and answer sessions can be in real-time. 

4. Engaged Audiences – Your audience can instantly log in and feel a part of your event.

5. Variety of Choices – Telesummits, Webinars, Teleseminars…the list goes on and on. You can choose to make it interactive, invite guest speakers, offer language options, etc. From live streaming to video to audio-only – the choice for the best solution is yours. 

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Define your goals for the virtual corporate event - what do you want to achieve?

As you plan for your upcoming virtual corporate event, it is important to set goals to keep the event on track and ensure that people feel energized and inspired. The main goal is to make sure that everyone who attends has a fun and meaningful time. We want to encourage them to make meaningful connections with each other, take part in interactive activities, learn more, and get excited about the products and services that are being shown. Strive to make sure everyone has a chance to express their opinions in an open dialogue setting. Through this goal-focused approach, we strive to create a memorable virtual corporate event that will have far-reaching implications both within our organization and beyond.

Choose a date and time that work for everyone in the company.

Finding the perfect date and time to host a meeting for the entire company can be challenging, especially when staff is spread across different states or countries. Fortunately, with technology providing more ways than ever to connect, it’s becoming easier to determine a suitable time that works for everyone. We understand that coordinating multiple calendars isn't always easy, but we encourage you to make an effort so that everyone has an equal chance to be a part of this important event. We thank you in advance for your efforts!

Send out invitations with all the details of the event, including how to log in or call in.

Inviting people to your event isn't complete without sending out invitations with all the details they need! Ensure you provide clear instructions on how to join by logging in online or simply calling in. We want to make sure everyone who wishes to attend is included and able to participate. And remember, there's no need for stuffiness - be professional yet friendly in your communication. You'll set everyone up for a successful event by providing the information clearly and accurately.

Bestowe's luxury, sustainable, artisan gifts make virtual events more successful.

If you're looking for the perfect eco-friendly, artisan luxury gift for a special occasion, Bestowe Gifting has you covered! Our curated selection of carefully crafted products offers various items for occasions like birthdays, milestones, or any special event. Among our selection, you can find wine and beer baskets that make for a great addition to any welcome drinks setup; sustainably sourced candles and coffee bundles; artistic wood-framed prints to add an extra spark of modernity to your home or office; scattered mugs that are perfect for those seeking unique coffee brewing experiences -- the list goes on! We guarantee high-quality items perfect for bestowing onto anyone. Explore our catalog today and have a worry-free gifting experience with Bestowe Gifting!

You may want to consider our Work Wellness box or our Tea Times and Coffee Breaks box to show your appreciation to clients and employees. Take your virtual events to new heights with innovative corporate gifting ideas.

Follow up after the event with a thank you note or email.

Sending a thank you note or email after your event is a great way to show your appreciation and build relationships with those who participated. Not only will it show them that they are valued, but it creates an opportunity to start a dialogue and strengthen ties between individuals. Following up after an event with a sincere note is also a great way to extend any conversations that were started during the event and keep lines of communication open. By thanking them in this small way for their help or attendance, you can show that you appreciate them while also being professional and respectful.


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New Corporate Gifts from Bestowe:

At Bestowe, we are working with businesses to craft new corporate gifting boxes for HR events, conferences, virtual parties and classes, and more. From appreciation gifts to Conference tool kits, our gifts can be a customizable substitute for corporate swag bags, networking tools, and mixer gifting and way more personal and valuable. Remember, by giving gifts to your employees or to others you increase your brand resonance with them.

Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about the release of our pre-curated gifting for events, or shoot us an email to learn more about working with us to customize to meet your own needs.


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