3 Ways to Become a Gifting Pro with an Event Gifting Company

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Post-COVID, virtual events are a much more mainstream part of the way that companies handle modern business gatherings. While virtual events make for a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional conferences and events, they're also notably less personal by design. One of the best ways to connect with your virtual audiences is with meaningful and unique virtual event gifts to make their experience an unforgettable one. Once you've decided to add a fun treat for your attendees to your event, the question becomes how can you make sure that you're selecting the perfect gift for the occasion, audience, and brand? 

In today's blog, we're exploring three easy tips to surprise and delight your virtual guests with a gift they won't soon forget. All with the help of an event gifting company to make the process easier than logging into Zoom. Let's dive in! 

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1. Choose Your Objective: Understand the Event's Heart

For virtual events, understanding the core objective is key to success in every aspect of your event. Is it a mixer to mingle with clients, a brainstorming session among colleagues, or celebrating a major corporate milestone? At Bestowe, we believe that aligning your gifts with the event's purpose not only shows thoughtfulness but also amplifies the overall impact of the event. Each event has its unique flavor, and your unique virtual event gifts should reflect this as well. Whether it's fostering team spirit in brainstorming sessions or showing appreciation in client mixers, the right gift can turn a virtual event into an unforgettable experience.


2. Curate Thoughtful Products: Reflect Your Brand and Event Spirit

Selecting the right products for your gift box is where the magic happens. As an event gifting company, we take pride in our ability to curate gifts that are not just items, but stories waiting to be told. Our approach is simple yet impactful – choose artisan products from unique small businesses that speak to the event's theme and resonate with your brand's ethos. From handpicked artisanal goods for an intimate team gathering to branded merchandise for large-scale corporate events, every item in the gift box is a reflection of your attention to detail and commitment to quality. This thoughtful curation process ensures that each gift box is not just received but cherished.


3. Give Beyond the Moment: Create Lasting Impressions

In the world of corporate gifting, it's the lasting impact that truly counts. Move beyond the traditional junky swag gifts, and opt for gifts that have a lasting presence in the lives of your clients or employees. Personalized memorabilia, practical items like books or planners, or even artisanal products that can be used in daily life – these are the types of gifts that linger in your audiences' memories and desks long after the event concludes. They are not just gifts; they are tangible representations of your brand's appreciation and values.


Crafting Stories Through Unique Virtual Event Gifts

At Bestowe, unique virtual event gifts are more than just our business; it's our passion. We thrive on the joy of connecting small-batch artisans with our clients, creating a bridge between craftsmanship and corporate gifting. Our team, with its keen eye for detail and dedication to excellence, takes pride in crafting packages that embody your brand's message and energy. Each gift box we create is a journey – from selecting the perfect items to designing the packaging that speaks volumes about your brand's personality and commitment to quality.


A Gifting Experience Tailored for Virtual Events

The rise of virtual events has brought new challenges and opportunities in the corporate gifting arena. We've embraced this change, evolving our offerings to suit the digital format while maintaining the essence of our gifting philosophy. Whether it's a virtual training session, a remote team-building exercise, or an online client appreciation event, our gifts are designed to bridge the physical distance and create a sense of connection and warmth.


Your Partner in Memorable Virtual Event Gifting

In conclusion, mastering the art of gifting for virtual events is about understanding the event's objective, curating thoughtful products, and giving gifts that leave a lasting impression. As you plan your next virtual event, consider Bestowe as your partner in creating a memorable gifting experience.

Looking to make your next virtual event a resounding success with unique and thoughtful gifts? Bestowe is at your service. Contact us to discuss your virtual event gifting needs, and let our team of experts help you leave a lasting impression with our bespoke, memorable solutions.

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