Leading with Responsibility: How to Choose a CSR-Driven Corporate Gifting Partner

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The importance of social responsibility and sustainability in business grows with each passing year. With the growing threat of climate change and the rise of inequality, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an ethical imperative. At Bestowe Gifting, we recognize this and integrate CSR into our employee reward, recognition, and client gifting programs. From start to finish, we prioritize creating an experience driven by Corporate Social Responsibility for the artisan small businesses that we work with to the packaging that we use to deliver the beautifully wrapped finished products. 

Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility in Gifting

CSR in business isn't just good for the world; it’s good for business. It can improve your brand image, attract and retain employees, gain investors, and even save money. As a gifting services company, we encourage our partners and clients to take CSR and sustainability seriously.

Before diving into how Bestowe incorporates CSR, let’s understand what it means. CSR is a business model in which a for-profit company creates social and/or environmental benefits while pursuing its goals. It’s about using corporate power and resources to solve social and environmental problems.

Bestowe’s Approach to CSR in Corporate Gifting

At Bestowe, we believe in making a difference through your corporate gifting company. For example, our partner Miir is committed to achieving Net Zero by 2030 and supports Charity Water with every product sold. We also commit to only using natural, biodegradable packaging materials, reducing the waste of our entire process significantly.

5 Creative Ways Bestowe Prioritizes CSR-Friendly Gifting

  1. Using Natural, Biodegradable Materials: We minimize our environmental footprint by using eco-friendly packaging and encouraging our partners to do the same. Can a traditional corporate gifting company say the same?
  2. Partnering with Environmental Causes: Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, we contribute to global reforestation, demonstrating our commitment to the environment.
  3. Gaining CSR Certifications: We encourage businesses to seek widely recognized CSR certifications like B Corps, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. When you work with us, you can confidently move forward knowing that even your gifting strategy aligns with the causes that matter most to your organization. 
  4. Donating a Portion of Proceeds to Charitable Causes: Your corporate gifting company can help you make a difference in the world around you! For example, we support various social causes through our gift boxes, like donations to the NAACP and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society from specific sales.  Make more of an impact with a gifting partner who is as committed to helping the world around us as you are.
  5. Sourcing from Small Businesses and Artisans: We prioritize local and small-scale artisans, reducing carbon footprint and supporting local economies. Whether you’re looking for women-owned, LGBTQ-owned, locally sourced products, or any other type of small business you’d like to support, our wide network of talented artisans allows us a huge range of high-quality products to source for our custom gift boxes. 

Corporate Gifting Solutions Aligned with CSR

CSR and corporate gifting don't have to be entirely unrelated. When you choose a corporate gifting partner that shares your same values and morals, you can make a bigger difference in the world, together.

If you're seeking a corporate gifting company that aligns with your CSR goals, Bestowe is your ideal partner. Our sustainable and socially responsible gifting solutions ensure that your corporate gifts reflect your company's values and commitment to making a positive impact. 

For a corporate gifting experience that embodies corporate social responsibility, look no further! Contact us today to explore how we can align your gifting programs with your CSR objectives, ensuring your gifts make a lasting and positive impact.

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