10 Questions to Ask When Planning for Custom Corporate Gifting

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Have a corporate gifting need, but don’t know where to begin?

Choosing corporate gifts is not like ordering things like stationery, office supplies, lighting, computers, or even your normal swag gifts like sweatshirts and branded tchotchkes. Corporate gifts, whether for your clients, employees, or for promotional purposes say tons about your business ethos, team ideals, and commitment to promoting engagement and long-term relationships. 

When it comes to custom corporate gifting, you want to stand out from the rest and might be seeking a reliable, high-end, unique company to partner with. Well, we know a good one. ; )

We've worked with a lot of clients and we've noticed some of the same questions pop up over and over again. AND from our experience have realized that there are more questions that if answered sooner than later would help our clients' journey to find the right company and most efficient path to the best gifting.


Our 10-point gifting checklist will get your wheels turning so you’re empowered to ask the right questions and start your journey with our gifting concierge at Bestowe.

  • What is their experience and do they have a client list/examples to share?
  • Do they offer a wide range of products including customized gifts? 
  • What is their process like? 
  • What is the turnaround time and in-hand date?
  • Can they work within your budget?
  • Are they able to handle the quantity you need?
  • Who is my audience and what do they like?
  • Do I need a corporate gifting platform?
  • Do I need hands-on customer service?
  • How do I measure my ROI? 


Experience and professionalism speak words about any company. But for a company that deals in customer relations... it's priceless. The right custom corporate gifting selection for your company is a personal matter. You want to make sure who you choose will reflect your company well. And if they are experienced it will show, not only through the work that they have done, but the clients' testimonials as well. Just look at what our client said about our work.

"Bestowe made a gifting experience feel as amazing behind the scenes as it did for those receiving it. Catherine truly delivers a delightful end-to-end experience, from taking your idea bringing it to life within your budget, to the presentation of the shipment and the final unveiling of the gifts. In a corporate world where swag is normal, the unanimous consensus was that this was the most thoughtful and beautiful gift package they have ever received."

Google // Maria Kim


Just like your company, your gift should be a unique extension of your business. For instance, at Bestowe we offer a wide range of products. We can customize products that fit your brand (ie. think your logo on a high-end rechargeable mug, headphones, sweatshirt, or the gift box itself). We customize packaging and the look of the gift from the inside out. Our network of artisans and vendors makes each of the gifts you receive inherently special. And the quality of the items is a step above what you received from that last conference swag bag. 


The process is important. To us, it means clear communication. It means getting your job done right and giving you what you want. We are clear about the timing for the project up front, the complexity, and the timeline. We take pride in our personalized concierge-like service. Being clear upfront on what to expect and when to expect it is an absolute MUST in our book (or rather, gift box!).  


Turnaround time is probably the most important component of an order. Our typical turn-around time is at least 3 weeks from the time that we’ve received payment for an order. This allows us time to custom order your products, pack them perfectly, and ship them out to your recipients. All of our items are custom to your gift. In some instances, we work with small-batch artisans. Because of this, we like to keep a clear perspective on what is accomplishable. Knowing your timeline right away, and sticking to it, can make all the difference in creating your perfect gift. That's not to say that we can't also accommodate rush orders. Hit our gifting concierge up to find out what your timeline would look like.


Our ability to work within any budget is one of the reasons so many companies choose to partner with Bestowe. When starting a project, our clients usually wonder: “What will X amount get me?” We typically work backwards within your budget, and let you know what the box possibilities will look like. Even if it’s a rough estimate or range, checking your budget is a great place to start!


Quantity is important. For custom orders, our minimum quantity is 25 boxes and can extend all the way to 10,000+ boxes. Everything above 25 boxes is specially ordered for you, so knowing your quantity can open (literally) every door, and might even unlock some discounts or charitable donations.


Knowing your audience is key when discussing your custom corporate gifting needs with us. Obviously, you know if you need to get gifts for employees or a conference, but because we tailor every proposal and curation specifically for you it's important to know what this group of people like or at least who they are and what they might appreciate. Some of the key factors you might want to consider:

  • Age
  • Gender neutral or otherwise
  • Do they have families?
  • Job function and industry
  • Location
  • Function of the event


A corporate gifting platform can streamline the entire gifting process. This digital solution allows you to manage your gifting needs efficiently, offering a range of options and flexibility. With a platform, you can track orders, customize gifts according to individual recipient preferences, and even automate the custom corporate gifting process for recurring events or acknowledgments. A robust platform should offer a user-friendly interface and integration capabilities with your existing systems, making corporate gifting a seamless part of your business operations.


The value of hands-on customer service in corporate gifting cannot be overstated. A dedicated service team ensures that your gifting experience is personalized and responsive. This includes helping you choose the right gifts, customizing them to reflect your brand, and addressing any queries or issues promptly. High-quality customer service means having a partner who understands your vision and works with you at every step to bring it to life, ensuring that each gift resonates with your brand and delights the recipients.


Of course, you or your boss, or your boss' boss want to understand the impact that this gift will have on those who receive it. It makes sense. How do you convince your boss (or yourself) that it’s worth the investment? First, we suggest taking a step back and determining the goal of your gifting. Are you maintaining client relations, prospecting for new business, thanking employees for their hard work, or increasing attendance at an event? Once we pinpoint that, we can work with you to evaluate the ROI, strategize with you on how to achieve your gifting goals, and exceed your expectations! Our clients have been overwhelmed with satisfaction from our offerings, service, and the reactions of their receivers. 

Hear what Great Place to Work had to say about the Holiday Appreciation Gifts we put together for them:

“Our clients were so excited to receive such a different and thoughtful gift that they decided to expand our scope of work, doubling the ROI on the cost of the boxes and leaves us with a future of increased ROI over time with them. Absolutely worth the investment”

Ready to get started? E-mail us at contact@bestowegifting.com to request an introductory call today!

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