What type of gift receiver are they: 5 Gift Box Tips for the hard to shop for person

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Gift-giving is one of the best ways to show people we care about them—it’s one of the love languages, after all! Many of us spend hours trying to select the perfect item that communicates exactly what we want it to. Some of us take it even farther and may spend a night or two sleeplessly brainstorming what to give those hard-to-shop-for loved ones.

Thankfully, you can now send the perfect collection of gifts to anyone you want to shower with love just by knowing what type of giftee they are! Bestowe hand-curates items from the best creatives, artisans, and vendors into perfectly-appointed collections for even the hardest to shop for people in your life.

If you’re still having trouble, fear not—we’ve put together a list of the five types of giftees you need to know about. Read on to discover them for yourself!

Gift Giving from a woman to a man

The Self-Care Enthusiast

From a luxurious soak in a salt bath to decadent dark chocolate with floral hints, pampering oneself from time to time can do wonders for wellbeing. In today’s environment, self-care could even be considered a necessity to combat the constant stress of a chaotic world!

If you have a friend who believes in the power of self-care, it can be difficult to shop for them because it seems like they already have everything they need or you might think they’re particular about in what they choose to indulge. On the other hand, you may know someone who should take some time to care for themselves but struggles to. In both circumstances, having an expertly curated collection of self-care products can take the stress out of your decision and ensure that your giftee receives something they’re bound to use and enjoy. The self-care addict enjoys gifts like a luxurious bath bomb, a face mask, a scented candle that speaks just to them!


How Bestowe Can Help

In our fast-paced world, it’s exceptionally important to take time out of the day to recharge, relax, and rest. Bestowe can help both you and your friend experience just that with stress-free gift-giving and well-appointed self-care collections. Try these options: our Calm the Soul Box or our Body, Mind, and Spirit Collection.

 self care gift

The Wonderous Wanderer

Life is a grand adventure, or hadn’t you heard? It seems we all have a friend or two who are about seizing the moment, seeing the world, and otherwise grabbing life by the horns and experiencing all they can.

For those who dream of waking up on a mountainside with a fresh cup of artisan coffee in a mug that is beyond perfect for that impending Instagram post and for those urban wanders intent on navigating the concrete jungle of the city with their adventure supplies tucked away in a durable yet stylish canvas travel bag, the gift options for the adventurous are endless. For these types of people in your life, you should certainly consider a gift of experience. Take in that new show in town, go on a spontaneous hike, take a trip to the park for a birthday picnic, or go on a camping trip to the Alps (and then a month-long trip to Italy and Croatia—wait, that’s my dream).

How Bestowe Can Help

Bestowe has several gift collections curated with adventurous souls in mind, giving you plenty of fitting choices that your giftee is bound to not only love but also use frequently during their travels. With each option providing the ideal mix of practicality and style, you may even want to treat yourself to one for your next road trip! (pick 2 gifts from my collection and link them here)

Elevated Tastemaker

We all have a friend whose taste, style, and sometimes, eccentricity, elevates their home décor and personal fashion to a level we can only dream of reaching. Classy and imbued with stellar taste, they have specific preferences, an elegance all of their own, and standards that can sometimes be intimidating.

The appealing inclusion of woodgrain home decorations, rich leather personal accessories, and impossibly perfect fusion of both classic and modern elements define this one-of-a-kind giftee. Whether they’re hitting the town or hosting a swanky get-together, their refined taste is always on display.

How Bestowe Can Help

For the elevated tastemaker in your life, it’s okay to lean on other design experts. Bestowe has curations that are sure to impress and please even the most sophisticated of friends. Take, for example, the bold yet classic walnut or maple grain serving board, eye-catching ties, subtle leather and brass key hooks, hand-crafted wine glasses, exceptional leather drink coasters, and other quality goods that abound in Bestowe’s hand-selected gift collections.

The Selfless Creator

The artistry of being a selfless giver comes in many forms. From visual arts to the written word to a comforting homecooked meal, creativity can manifest itself in any area of life. It’s the passion for experimentation and self-expression that makes friends like these unique. The one thing we know about selfless givers, though? They’re always appreciative of a thoughtful gift.

Whether the selfless giver is giving thoughtful handmade gifts or making life an adventure only they could dream of, a friend who is a creator at heart brings an unparalleled excitement and perspective to your relationship. No matter what their outlet is or what shape their artistry takes, they deserve a gift that is as tasteful and full of life as they are! This giver is crafty with their gifts—they’re artistic and it shows in how they treat their friends and family. We suggest finding gifts for these types of givers that help them take their passions to new heights! From a hand-bound journal that promotes their own artistic wordsmithing or a collection of unique watercolors that motivates them to get painting, there’s something creative out there for the selfless giver in your life.

 shop gift boxes

How Bestowe Can Help

Bestowe has several artistic gift collections that your creative friend will appreciate and enjoy. Whether it’s a foodie gift box to help you in the kitchen or a handcrafted leather wallet that speaks to craftsmanship and refinement, selecting the perfect gift for the creator in your life is easy when you use Bestowe!

 selfless creator

The Tech Guru (Geek)

Everyone has a tech guru in their lives—they’re the people we run to when our DVR crashes, our phone won’t stop vibrating, when we lose all of the photos from our vacation and crash our hard drive. We depend on the tech gurus in our lives because, well, we’d be technologically lost without them. For the tech-savvy friend in your life, check out sleek hard drives, iPhone accessories, and Bluetooth headphones as a gift option.

How Bestowe Can Help

Bestowe has unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone in your life—from the tech-challenged to the tech-savvy. If you have a tech savant in your social circle, we’ve got plenty of techy- gifts for them. Better yet, gift someone our Garden Mixer Set for when technology gets the best of them!


garden cocktail mixer gift 


Whether it’s a matter of convenience in a world that seems to never slow down or a way to give the perfect gift to a friend who deserves the absolute best, Bestowe facilitates easy gift giving without diminishing the thoughtfulness and quality you undoubtedly want to convey to those you care about. From whimsical artists to ultra-particular fashionistas, finding fitting gifts for the diversity of loved ones in your life doesn’t have to be difficult!

The artisan goods and specially-crafted curations pair flawlessly with each other and are sure to fill the recipient with unfettered joy. So, next time you’re searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, close friend, or hard-to-shop-for giftee, let Bestowe do the hard work for you. Simply know the type of giftee you’re shopping for and select the appropriate option for them!

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