Choosing the Right Thank You Gift Box for Client Relationships

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Client gifting is becoming more and more commonplace. The corporate gifting industry is growing at an even faster rate than personal gifting. 

With more companies giving gifts to their clients than ever before, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. Our gifting experts are here to point you in the right direction so that your client gifting is impactful and memorable– for all the right reasons! 

Thank You Gifts for Client Superstars

Why should you give gifts to your clients? You may think that buying gifts for your clients is a waste of money, but in reality, client gifts can help generate a positive ROI in the long run. Client thank you gifts can benefit your business in many ways, including improved client loyalty and retention. In a recent study, 80% of companies reported that gifting improved relationships with their clients and/or employees, with 48% saying that gifting delivered a substantial benefit. In addition to improving client relationships, client gifting can help express gratitude, celebrate accomplishments, increase brand awareness, convey your core values and brand identity, and even boost sales. 

Choosing the Right Client Thank You Gift

It’s important to carefully consider the timing of your corporate gifting. Think beyond the holidays and take a year-round approach. Yes, holiday gifts are important, but you can also send welcome gifts to new clients, celebratory gifts after a big win, thank you gifts when finishing up big projects or contracts, or even just out-of-the-blue gifts to show your appreciation. Because they are less expected, sporadic gifts can make a better impression and help you stand out. 

When it comes to choosing the right gift for your clients, try to make the gift as personal and thoughtful as you can. Use what you know about the client for inspiration and go from there. When in doubt, give gifts that are useful or consumable that won’t go to waste. A food lover's gift basket full of small-batch, artisanal goodies is always a safe option, though it’s a bit less unique than other gifts. Better yet, customize your client gifts to add more personal touches and ensure they are on-brand. 

Draw inspiration from your brand’s mission, values, and identity. If you value sustainability, for example, you could give your clients a bunch of useful, eco-friendly products. If you’re a sporty brand, put together some items that encourage a fit, active lifestyle. Gifts like these help convey who you are as a company to your clients and create positive associations in their minds. 

More Client Thank You Gift Ideas

Here are just a few of our favorite client gift ideas: 

A wellness gift - ours includes an insulated mug, superfood lattes, plant-based protein bites, biodegradable cleansing wipes, and a luxurious scented candle. If your brand has anything to do with health or wellness, a gift like this is a great way to represent your core values. 

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A gift card to a favorite coffee shop or lunch spot in their local area. This is more thoughtful (and socially conscious!) than a generic gift card to a chain restaurant or store. 

A cocktail kit - ours comes with two tumblers, leather coasters, artisanal bitters, cocktail cherries, and a whiskey-infused chocolate bar. A gift like this is more unique and memorable than a bottle of wine or champagne, yet still feels celebratory. 

client thank you gift ideas

A gourmet basket full of handmade products and fresh produce from your neighborhood farmer’s market. Sourcing gifts from local producers is a great way to demonstrate that you value sustainability. 

A potted succulent or another low-maintenance plant to spruce up their desk or home office. They’ll think of you every time they water it. 

A charitable donation to an organization that is suited to the client– better yet, let them choose the organization they most want to support. 

A custom client gift! When you go the custom route with your client gifting, anything is possible. A personal gifting concierge will help you come up with the perfect gift and add then tie it all together with branded tags and stationery, custom boxes, belly bands, and stickers.

When you get personal and industry-specific with your client gifting, there are endless ideas to uncover. Explore the curated, ready-to-ship client gifts on our website for even more ideas! 

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Mistakes to Avoid with Client Thank You Gifting

Although you want client gifts to represent your brand identity and what you stand for as a company, don’t slap your logo on everything. This can come off as impersonal and overly promotional. Instead, sprinkle in one or two tastefully and subtly branded items with other gifts and goodies. 

Don’t skimp on the packaging! The packaging and wrapping that accompany your gift make an important first impression, especially when arriving by mail. Instead of a bunch of plastic and styrofoam, choose environmentally friendly packaging and wrapping made from natural, recyclable or biodegradable materials. 

Another important tip: don’t forget a personalized message of gratitude with your gift. Be sure to greet your client by name and touch on what you specifically enjoy about working with them. Whenever possible, write it or sign the card by hand. Thoughtful touches like these will make the gift feel much more personal. 

Curated and Classy Client Gifting Services!

Another mistake is attempting to handle all your client gifting in-house. Working with an experienced and professional corporate gifting service will save you loads of time and ensure all your “T”s are crossed and “I”s dotted for your client gifts! 

With Bestowe, your personal gifting concierge will help you curate or customize the perfect gifts for your clients. We’ll make sure the gift is presented beautifully, branded tastefully, and delivered on time. The entire client gifting process will be stress-free and streamlined from start to finish, and your client relationships will blossom to their full potential!

Corporate Gift Box Service

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