Why The Best Corporate Gift Boxes for Women are Artisan Gift Boxes

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Stuck in a rut trying to find the perfect corporate gift box for women? We know it can be challenging to choose a gift that combines style, sophistication, and personal touch. In 2023, women care about great quality gifts, where they’re sourced from, their uniqueness, and who they’re supporting. Artisan gift boxes are a great option for the women in your life and will leave a lasting impression. 

Why Artisan Gift Boxes Are the Perfect Corporate Gift Boxes for Women

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Artisan gift boxes are not just boxes; they're an experience. But what makes them the perfect gift for women in the workforce? 


Each artisan gift box is unique, just like the recipient. Maybe she is a foodie with a taste for the unexpected. A gift box featuring exotic tastes and treats might be just the thing to create a lasting memory - and a new favorite snack! Whichever box you choose, our artisan corporate gift boxes tell a meaningful and unique story that generic corporate swag can’t beat. 


Whether you’re gifting your C-suite or sales teams, the women in your world deserve the very best. Custom gift boxes for women are sourced with quality in mind from the start. Women are looking for meaningful items that will last a lifetime, and a well-curated gift box will provide just that. 


All of us, not just women, are designed to be connected with the people around us, and it’s why a personalized note can go such a long way. Create a real connection along with your gift with the option to include a personal note to make them feel truly special.

Support for Small Businesses: 

When you “shop small,” you know that you are supporting an individual, a family, or a cause that you align with and that makes a real impact on the world around you. The same is true when gifting to the women in your workplace. They’ll love opening a gift that is not only beautiful and thoughtful, but that supports businesses that they can feel great about. 

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Considerations When Choosing Corporate Gift Boxes for Women

Looking for the perfect gift box for a woman in your office or company? Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your intended recipient: 

  1. What does she enjoy? Understanding her interests and hobbies will make the gift box more personal and meaningful
  2. Is it for a work anniversary, a promotion, or just to show appreciation? The box's content should reflect the occasion. 
  3. What is your budget? While artisan gift boxes are a fantastic option, they come in a variety of price points to suit different budgets.
  4. Are there any potential dietary restrictions or allergies? Keep these in mind when choosing a box with food items.

Discover Bestowe's Unmatched Artisan Gift Boxes for Women

Meet Bestowe, your one-stop shop for beautifully curated artisan gift boxes. We have a full selection of corporate gift boxes for women, but today we’re featuring a few of our favorites: 


The "Meditation Retreat Box"

custom gift boxes for women

For the woman who seeks inner peace and a moment of calm amidst her busy corporate life, the Meditation Retreat Box is a perfect choice. This box serves as a soothing balm for the soul, filled with meditation essentials that encourage relaxation and mindfulness. It includes a beautifully crafted journal for jotting down reflections, a calming lavender eye pillow, a serene meditation candle, and aromatic palo santo sticks for a serene meditation session. This box is a thoughtful reminder for her to take a pause and enjoy a few quiet, introspective moments in her day.


The "Host Your Heart Out Box"

corporate gift boxes for womenFor the woman who loves to entertain and create memorable gatherings, the Host Your Heart Out Box is an excellent choice. This box is curated to celebrate her hospitable spirit and to help her host events with even more flair. It includes a stylishly minimalist ceramic cheese board, a set of gold cheese knives that add a touch of elegance to any table setting, a beautifully crafted candle to set the mood, and a gourmet black truffle dry salami that's sure to delight her guests. It's the perfect way to show your appreciation for her gracious hosting and to inspire many more unforgettable social events.

Make the Switch to Artisan Gift Boxes for Women

Artisan gift boxes from Bestowe offer an exceptional, personalized, and heartfelt approach to expressing your appreciation for the remarkable women in your corporate sphere.  

Eager to discover the perfect gift? Immerse yourself in our curated collection by exploring our gift boxes for women or unleash your creativity with our custom gift boxes to craft a unique expression of gratitude. Here's to thoughtful corporate gifting!



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