Top 10 Corporate Gift Boxes For Clients

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Your corporate gifting strategy is about so much more than just a transaction or a checkbox on your lengthy to-do list; it's a way to say, "You matter to us" to the clients who have helped you get to where you are. Especially in such a digital age, your clients’ inboxes are full of virtual events, webinars, and e-gift cards, and your business’s thoughtful, physical gift boxes for clients mean that much more. 

Why Client Gifting Matters

Remember, you're not just sending gift boxes for clients — you're sending a message. When a client opens a carefully selected artisan gift box, it's a brief escape from the hustle and bustle. It's a little pause in a busy day, an unexpected delight that shows them that you care about them, their interests, and their hobbies, and celebrate them with a decadent curated gift box just for them.

Our Top 10 Picks for Client Gift Boxes 

On the hunt for the best corporate gift ideas for clients? Look no further! And, don't you worry, do you need these branded to fit your vibe with a branded gift box and a branded personalized note card. Reach out to us HERE and we will set you up with the right person to make that a reality for your holiday or quarterly clients thank you or referral gift box send.

1. Sweet Treats or Holiday Sweets Gift Box

Your client will be swept away by a sudden burst of flavors, turning an ordinary afternoon into a delectable escape. Perfect for that high-pressure client who could use a sweet surprise.

 Sweet Treats gift boxes for clients

2. Take it Easy

Providing your client with a reason to unwind speaks volumes about your company's ability to ease their workload. By taking care of their needs, you allow them the freedom to focus on themselves. This gift box offers your client a compelling reason to relax while entrusting you with the heavy lifting.

 client holiday gift box

3. I Appreciate You

This box says 'I Appreciate You' not just in words but in actions, perfect for that client who has been consistently supportive. The calming candle and champagne gummies will allow them to indulge and feel truly appreciated.


holiday thank you client gift box

4. The Cocktail Pair

Ideal for the client who loves hosting or attending social gatherings. This will not only elevate their bartending game but will also leave a lasting impression of your thoughtful choice.



cocktail kit gift for client


5. Travel Kit Gift Box

For your globetrotting clients, this kit will make them think of your thoughtful gift every time they unpack in a new city.


travel kit gift ideas for clients


6. Kitchen Gourmet

Your client's senses will come alive, making them remember this unique foodie box long after the last bite. From Salty to Sweet, the Kitchen Gourmet features gourmet salt, a hand thrown artisan ceramic salt dish and a recycled marine plastic dish towel. This is the perfect choice for the gourmet enthusiast who appreciates fine foods and exquisite taste.

gourmet salt gift ideas for clients

7. Morning Rituals Tea

Transforms your client's morning routine into an exquisite ritual with a hand thrown in San Francisco Ceramic Mug, Tea, a hand crafted dish towel and some delicious shortbread cookies. Every sip will remind them of your generous gift!


artisan gift boxes for clients


8. Celebrate Good Times

Celebrate the wins! This is one subtle way to say, we did it together and it was a success! Send them a celebration package that doubles as a New Year and party celebration for the holidays! Brand it with your own company logo and fun sparklers that fit your brand color!


9. Desk Essentials Work Wellness Gift Set

Taking care of ourselves at home, but most importantly at work, is all the rage. Your clients will appreciate the gesture of a gift that encourages self care at work: with a wonderful Miir mug that donates back to Charity Water, Turmeric Tea, a candle, biodegradable hand wipes and some protein snack cookies, it's sure to be a hit.

desk essential gift for client

10. Movie and Chill

Designed for the sweet tooth, lounge in jammies, couch potato in everyone, this gift is a reminder to take a break and relax. It's a surefire way to make your business stand out in their mind even when they are kicking their feet up!


move chill custom client gift box.jpg


Why Choose Bestowe Gifting for Client Gift Boxes

Choosing the perfect gift boxes for clients means creating a memorable experience. It’s not just about what's inside the box (though it helps if you choose a great gift!), but the experience that your client will have when they open it. That moment when they see how much thought and consideration went into selecting the perfect gift goes a long way to set you apart from the crowd. 

Ready to Make a Splash With Great Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients?

If you're ready to take your client relations to the next level, don't just send a gift — send a message with memorable gift boxes for clients. Let them know how much they mean to you and your business. If you'd like to buy more than one and have your gifts and gift packaging customized with branding get in touch below! 

Corporate Gift Box Service

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