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Take Your Virtual Events to New Heights with Innovative Corporate Gifting Ideas

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We are on the precipice of what I'm predicting will be a new way of life for socializing and working. Virtual parties and get-togethers will continue to get easier to do online and with no foreseeable future of getting back to normalcy yet, a much needed way to stay connected and celebrate with others we miss being with in person.

Corporations and companies are now beginning to hold conferences and HR trainings virtually in order to be socially responsible. As a result, they are saving on overhead and creating more efficiency (read our article here). Social gatherings, while still a no-no (except in the Ozarks apparently), are adapting and turning into virtual dance parties, online game nights, online concerts, and Zoom Happy Hours.

How Does Your Company Adapt Because of Covid

As many companies, large and small, are having to do now, we at Bestowe are adapting to create better offerings for virtual events, both socially and work-related.

virtual gift party favors

Bestowe's "Celebrate" Gifts

Our gifts for Celebrating special occasions are mainly a chance to appreciate those in our lives who are with us in spirit but can't be with us in person. Imagine having a large life event like a wedding online? Can't throw a 40th birthday party at your favorite club? Have your favorite singer play for everyone over Zoom, or schedule your own dis-dance party. Our gifts are meant to be given as party favors or welcome gifts for your guests in addition to throwing a party. While our "Celebrate" boxes are all custom made to fit your special occasion (you can contact us here for more information), we'd like to give you some ideas for how to create a party favor gifts starting with the following about throwing an anniversary party online.

To commemorate our "Celebrate" gifts we designed the first gift box for ourselves: for our 15-year wedding anniversary. 

anniversary gift idea with a drink mixer and invite for virtual party

Anniversary Gift: For the Virtual Zoom Anniversary Celebration

This year marked our 15-year wedding anniversary. I had big dreams right after we got married, about how I would save money every month in order to throw another big celebration for our 15-year and have all our friends come. Alas, as you can guess, that never really happened. Money went to more important things. We actually had a lovely little getaway scheduled to celebrate...then Covid-19 hit. So, we ended up staying at home, getting some takeout, and watching Netflix. Ho hum.

But, then it dawned on me. Why not create a special gift for my friends and schedule a party on Zoom; a focused and celebratory Happy Hour! And thus begin Bestowe's "Celebrate" gift boxes. We'll soon be creating more gifts over the next couple of weeks in partnership with various event planning companies to support the overwhelming demand for virtual welcome gifts. So stay tuned for more to come.

Do you want us to help you put together your next virtual event: Corporate or Social? Contact us here and we'd be happy to help!

What to put in a Virtual Party gift box: For an Anniversary

anniversary party giftWe knew that we wanted to celebrate with friends but not keep them on a long video chat with over 40 people. We also wanted the occasion to be personal and to give our friends something to remember us with. So, we agreed on sending friends a package that included a mixer for a drink and some of our favorite candies to share as well as hand-designed coasters to save in the years to come.

The result: We planned a Zoom meeting for 30 minutes with about 20 couples. We put together a Pandora playlist, picked a recipe for a drink that we aptly named after an experience that we had in our early days of being together (where we both realized that we were meant to be together) that we will share during our Zoom call, and I designed the box and off it went in the mail a week before the party.

During the call, we walked people through how to make The May Lake and the experience behind the name, did a toast and let others share their experience of our wedding if they wanted. What I'm most excited about is that it feels just perfect for both of us. It isn't just about celebrating us, but celebrating those people in our lives that have supported and made our lives better by being a part of it. And it didn't take more than a half-hour!

Recipe for Refreshing Drink made with Cola Syrup: The May Lake

the may lake drink mix and recipe card with a shrub

1. Start with a 12oz cup filled with ice

2. Add 2oz whiskey/bourbon/scotch

3. .5oz - .75oz Cascara Cola Syrup .5oz citrus juice of your choice

4. And then top off with flavored seltzer of your choice

5. Stir or pour into second cup to mix. Garnish with aromatic bitters and fruit


Box Contents: Burly Beverages with their yummy syrups and shrubs, Caramel Caravan with the best Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels I've ever tasted, Hand designed coasters (Bestowe is a full-service design company) and invite with recipe card.

Metallic Coasters for a wedding

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